WMP-2100 Installation at PLK C. W. Chu College, Hong Kong

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Installation Products/ BXB WMP-2100 System
WMP-2100 PA Main Control Unit x1
WPC-2100I Software Interface x1
WSC-2100 Graphical Control Software x1
WMP-60D Remote Decoder x80
CTM-02R Music Microphone with 48cm Gooseneck Microphone x1

PLK C. W. Chu College is located at Sha Tin District in New Territories, Hong Kong. It was established in 1985 by the donation of Dr. Chu. This college emphasizes on students’ language comprehension and intelligence development, expecting possessing stable PA system and flexible-operation equipment.

After BXB’s local agent Sunrise Trading Company visiting the college to know their demands, WMP-2100 PA system is chosen. The system includes the following products: PA main control unit, graphical control software, 80 pieces of remote decoders, and one set of music microphone.

WMP-2100 is able to operate single zone and group broadcasting. You can manually select the groups or use pre-set groups to execute public addressing. Not only operating by the buttons on the PA operation panel, you can also use the PABX doing telephone broadcasting. Logging in the Client software to do remote broadcasting is also available. WMP-2100 makes campus PA more flexible and instant.

WSC-2100 Graphical Control Software provides intuitive operation interface, using graphics displaying PA statuses such as single-zone broadcasting, telephone broadcasting, terminal equipment triggering, music playing, and decoder scanning. You can edit the distribution of campus buildings according to the real scene, making the PA administrator easily operate the system. Based on the school’s daily schedule, the scheduling of multimedia playing, message announcement, and class bell can be edited in advance to achieve auto-PA and save more labor cost. Moreover, to protect campus security, equipment such as emergency call button and two-way intercom can be integrated with the system. The administrators can quickly know the area under incidents and then react right away.

This project was finished in September, 2016. We received the feedback from the college that WMP-2100 is stable and user-friendly. The project manager of Sunrise Trading Company also said, “The cabling of WMP-2100 is very simple, which saves lots of labor costs. What our customer needs is a PA system with high stability, affordable price, and sound after-sale services. BXB’s WMP-2100 exactly stands out among other brands of PA system”.

Sunrise Trading Company is BXB’s agent of Hong Kong and Macao. It was established in 1976 and they devote to enhance education and offer AV & PA services to business organizations and property agencies. They have contributed their efforts providing services to hundreds of schools, training organizations, churches, and labor unions for 42 years. We appreciate Sunrise Trading with offering optimized total solutions and sound services to customers. We would continue carefully listening to what users need and developing more innovative and user-friendly products.

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