ICP-5000 IP-based Audio & Video PA System Installation- Jhong Jheng Junior High School, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Writer/ Dept. of Sales 1

Installation Date: April, 2017
Installation Products:
ICP-5072 Graphical Control Software x 1
ICP-3050 Multi-channel Audio Processor x 1
ICP-5050 Programmed Media Gateway x 1
ICP-5030 Single-channel Multimedia Distributor x 4
ICP-5031 HDMI Network Signal Converter x 1
ICP-5010 IP-based Decoder x 33
ICP-TV1 TV Control Box x 33

Jhong Jheng Junior High School was established in 1st July, 1989. Originally, it was a junior high school. In 1996, it was upgraded as a senior high school. The campus is located besides the interchange of National Highway No. 1 and nearby the exit of MRT station. It’s also adjacent to National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts and Martial Arts Stadium, facing the beautiful Jhong Jheng Park and Weiwuyin Metropolitan Park. Jhong Jheng Junior High School has 92 classrooms, 37 offices, and 24 classrooms for special subjects.

BXB is pleasant to have this opportunity of installing ICP-5000 IP-based Multimedia PA System, Taiwan Excellence winner, at this school. ICP-5000 is the total solution designed for multimedia broadcasting on campus. It includes audio & video broadcasting, full HD campus TV, security control, and central control of classroom equipment. The entire system operates only by Ethernet networks and switches.

In line with the the rising popularity of the internet and smart management, BXB’s ICP-5000 not only executes broadcasting via graphical control software, but also via fixed-line phone and BXB’s APP. You can use a PC, tablet, and smart phone to easily control and transmit various modes of multimedia messages such as audio-, video-, image-, live streaming-, TTS (text-to-speech)-, and text messages. The broadcasting time schedule can be edited based on your demands. Moreover, the graphical control software can show the system’s operation statuses such as addressable broadcasting, telephone broadcasting, external triggering, music play, detection of IP decoders’ condition, and connection of remote TVs or projectors. It possesses greater integration ability and more flexible operation options.

Besides, Class 33 is installed with RS-232 TV combing with BXB’s ICP-TV1 TV Control Box and ICP-5010 Decoders. They are capable of receiving controlling commands from the graphical control software to control TV’s power, signal input, CATV selection, and volume. They are also able to do silent broadcasting (only broadcasting with texts). You can set the text’s font, color, pattern, background color, and even insert images (jpg, jpeg, png) as the background. The image can be equally enlarged to 1080P full-screen. You can also insert a sentence of messages as the electronic marquee on the screen of the display device. The functionality can be varied.

In the future, we expect ICP-5000 to be used in smart community, smart campus, smart factory, and smart management. Let’s create a bright future together!!!