BXB UFO Conference System Performance Report for National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality

Writer/Joanne Wang

        The National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism, formerly named National Kaohsiung Hospitality College (NKHC), founded in 1995. The university not only aims at becoming a source for hospitality service talents, a key partner of hospitality businesses and a new model of hospitality education, but also at constructing the vision of NKUHT: “To be the hospitality university most capable of leading creation and development”. Besides the development direction of “Taking root in Taiwan and expanding internationally”, the school has established the development idea of “More tolerant, more independent; more open, more beautiful” while implementing the original concepts of humanism, specialization, enterprise-style and internationalization for the future.

        The two sets conference system installed NKUHT by Fong Fu Technology-Zheng manager. Fong Fu Technology was established in 2004, their business focus on the campus PA system, video and audio system and digital surveillance system etc. Fong Fu offers the most professional technology on prospection and construction to make sure every detail is under control to their user.

        This time we installed that BXB Electronics’s latest conference series “FCS-6300”, which is world general specification CAT5E network transmission struction. Currently, there is a part of conference system equipped with its exclusive connection cable, in this case, the warranty and maintenance of conference system may face to shortage of unique cable in the future market, and then caused the repair problem can’t be solved within a short time. Therefore, in order to meet the requirement of the school in the device function and easy maintenance, BXB specially adapt world’s general specifications CAT5E network connection for a complete set of conference system. Finally, the maintenance personnel is able to quickly acquire the cable and settle the maintenance action.

        In addition to meet the needs of the school on the wire build, the network of BXB FCS-6300 series is equipped with TCP/IP communication protocol, which is able to use computers and handheld mobile devices (I-PAD/I-PHONE) directly to control conference by the wireless network. Also it can undertake various meetings mode in a web browser to designate delegate speaking. Furthermore, the FCS-6300 series is able to directly links to HD speed dome to perform the automatic function of spokesman position tracking. With the elegant and streamlined design, the panel color for table-top UFO microphone unit can be designed by a variety of metal color for total 25 combination, it becomes good look to coordinate with the site decoration. Besides microphone units are equipped with digital processing chip DSP sound and automatic gain control (AGC), it can automaticly perform the sound adjustment and exchange the identity of chairman and delegate operated from the main control unit.

        Manager Zheng from Fong Fu technology mentioned that “in addition to the nice appearance, sound effects is much better than the retired one, now, the system is much stable and operation of the whole meeting has become more perfect!” So, no doubt about it~ BXB is the most representative of Taiwan’s first brand on digital conference system.