FCS-6300 Conference System Installation- Chung Hua University, Hsinchu City, Taiwan

"Writing/General manager's Office"

Chung Hua University (CHU) was founded by the entrepreneurs who are ardent proponents of education in Hsinchu local areas with the mission to realize technological education, assist development of local industries and promote regional extension education. In response to government call to nurture higher professional talents for national development and to fulfill their grand wishes to feed back the society, the Board of Directors, faculties, staffs and students has worked together to make CHU become a comprehensive university consisting of College of Engineering, College of Management, College of Architecture and Design, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Computer Sciences and Informatics, and College of Tourism.

The installation is at the school history hall. The original hall was located beside the Duck Lake, which is faraway from the center of the campus. Therefore, to make the guests, the faculty, and students understand the school history easily, the hall was moved to the 7th floor of Administration, Library and Information Building. And it’s the honor that CHU chose BXB’s conferencing products, including FCS-6350 Conference MCU, FCS-6321 Flush-mounted Chairman Unit x 1, and FCS-6322 Flush-mounted Delegate Unit x 29.
FCS-6350 Conference MCU is applied with digital transmission. All the conferencing microphones are connected by CAT5E cables. The MCU is equipped with a large LCD display (128 x 64 pixels) with Chinese and English interface, which can clearly show the meeting operation statuses. It’s also equipped with TCP/IP protocol control. Via wired/wireless modes, users can connect the PC and mobile devices with the MCU to set the meeting order and microphone’s ON/OFF. Web control is also available. Moreover, the MCU is equipped with 4 sets of RJ45 ports. Each port has the circuit protection mechanism to make the system safer and more stable.

Each of FCS-6321 and FCS-6322 Flush-mounted Unit is equipped with a DSP chip, AGC control, and sound field adjustment. It can also detect the speaker’s volume and then auto-adjust the sensitivity of sound receiving. The attendees can totally enjoy the excellent audio and visual quality. Moreover, the meeting identity (chairman/delegate) can be set by the MCU directly; the application would be more flexible. Regarding the cabling, each unit is equipped with 2 sets of RJ45 plugs that enable the ring-connection and offer a safe backup mechanism. As any cables are damaged, the another circuit can still keep normal. Hot plugging is also available for plug-and-play without restarting the MCU.

We would continue devoting to product innovation and offering more professional services to customers. BXB cab be your only and best choice of conference system!