WMP-2100 Installation at Lihpao Outlet Mall, Taichung

Writer/ Dept. of Sales 1

Installation Date: December, 2016.
Installation Products:
WMP-2100 Multi-functional PA Control Unit x 1
WMP-60 Remote Decoder x 5
WMP-61 High-voltage Remote Decoder x 4
WS-802T Two-way Ceiling Speaker x 180
WS-652TR Pendent-ball Two-way Speaker x 48
PAB-5400 Power Amplifier x 6
EPS-P081 Extension Power Supply x 4
WZ-30E 30W Volume Controller x 6
WZ-60E 60W Volume Controller x 6

The largest outlet mall at the central Taiwan- Lihbao is close to highway interchange, which is very convenient proceeding to here from city center or other counties. Lihbao Group creates the biggest recreation park in Taiwan which possesses the largest ferris wheel and the most seats at the food court. The design of the park comes from the concept of Portofino, a holiday resort in Italy. It shows multivariant and parent-child atmosphere. Lihbao Outlet Mall operates based on happiness, combining with the themes of parent-child, fashion, leisure, and food. It includes Lihbao Land, Fullon Hotel, and F3 Racing Park, providing people a comfortable and joyful shopping and leisure environment.

This project is arranged by Manager Li of Yu-tai Multimedia Limited, which is specialized with equipment/system integration such as stage acoustic and lighting, multi-functional international meeting hall, system installation, consultant, and after-sale service and maintenance. It holds the business concept of honesty and persistence, offering customers the newest information and professional services. To share customers the most up-to-date techniques and best services, Yu-tai also provides training and makes their staff participate in in-service training.

After knowing Lihbao Group’s demands, Manager Li chose BXB’s WMP-2100 PA system for this project. The PA Control Unit is all-in-one designed that can execute addressable broadcasting, multi audio source mixing, monitoring, power control, telephone broadcasting, two-way intercom, and door access, which is very suitable for public spaces. The user-friendly operation panel is equipped with LED indicator light with different colors for different kinds of control, assisting administrators on finishing more works in the minimum time. Moreover, addressable broadcasting can be only executed for specified zones; the other zones would not be disturbed by the broadcasting.

Recent years, there are more and more incidents of personal safety happening, causing everyone’s extreme panic. Therefore, the installation of door access and emergency call system is much more important. BXB’s WMP-2100 PA system can be integrated with safety equipment such as emergency call button, door access detector, and intercom interface. When people meets danger, just press the nearby emergency call button directly for triggering the alarming. It can hinder the suspect. Simultaneously, the emergency call signal would be transmitted back to the PA control unit. The security personnel or guard could know the emergency position from the control unit and then do the reaction immediately. Furthermore, via remote decoders the burglar alarm signal could be transmitted back to the control unit. The actual location and time of incident could be further shown on the unit and then recorded for future retrieval.

Manager Li of Yu-tai Multimedia Limited said, “the system installation for the public spaces such as hotel, restaurant, amusement park, and school should include local fire alarm system to execute emergency announcement and make administrators choose multiple audio sources for transmitting them to different zones. BXB’s PA system is the one that can satisfy the demands. The profession, integration ability, and stability of BXB make me have nothing to worry about. BXB’s intuitive operation and easy setting are also the factors that I continue choosing their products.” In the future, BXB would keep understanding users’ needs and designing the products close to the market demands, satisfying customers and achieving a win-win result.