BXB-FCS conference system installed in Taipei Veterans General Hospital

"Writing/General manager's Office"

Taipei Veterans General Hospital was established on July 1, 1958, it includes Zhongzen building, Siyuan building, Evergreen building, Outpatient service building, Jade building, Nerve regeneration center, Disabled center, and Power center. Originally, medical center was served only for the retired soldiers, but after some time they started serve to all patients from different backgrounds like a labors, farmers, and fisherman. Currently, Taipei Veterans General Hospital is a national medical center on a patient’s medical service, including following major three tasks: medical care for patients, medical training & research development, and to implement the government national health policy.

Recently, BXB team provided FCS conference system to the first conference room of Jade building in Taipei Veterans Genereal Hospital. The whole complete conference system are including FCS-3051 main control unit, three pieces of UFO-2011 desk-top chairman microphone, FCS-3026 flush-mounted delegate microphone, 143 pieces of FCS-3034D+ WM-07/707 armchair handheld microphones with HD speed dome, and graphical control software.

FCS conference system installed by Cheng Yi Instrument Technology Co. Ltd, and construction planned by YanGuoZhe. Cheng Yi Instrument Technology company mainly work on multimedia presentations and public broadcasting system of professional manufacturers, the engineering general contracting in all professional audio-visual room place, to provide customers high quality products and a full range of services.

The characteristics of the FCS conference system for meeting hosts have a LCD screen on the main control unit and a variety of conference microphone management mode, in the form of simple understand according to the meeting on condition. This system HD high quality speed dome is for real-time tracking images of the speaker, at the same time match BXB graphical conference control software, moreover, chart control menu can be synchronized even accused of main control unit to speech patterns. The operator can adjust the microphone, seating configuration, scene of the layout of generic graphic control screen, and according their needs it is also possible to add, move, delete, zoom icon to the location. In addition, BXB meeting microphone have clear high-quality performance, the participants can feel natural voice with full image of the speaker, therefore, meeting will be more efficient.

Mr. Yan, Cheng Yi Instrument Technology, said that “after installing BXB conference system he was very satisfied with the results, such as image tracking, easy to operate, and sound quality has a very good performed”. This statement is identify and support for BXB conference system, in addition to the humanized interface, user-friendly, matching the customers needs is make the meeting more smoothly. BXB has the most professional technology and perfect customer service, therefore, customer statement and satisfaction is our biggest motivation. BXB digital conference system is the best choice for your digital conferencing system.