FCS-6300 Conference System Installation- Inner Mongolia Power Group

Writer/ Dept. of Sales 2

Installation Date: December 2017
Installation Location: Inner Mongolia Power (Group) Co., Ltd.
Installation Products:
FCS-6350 Digital Conference Main Control Unit x 1
UFO-6311 Table-top Chairman Conference Microphone x 2
UFO-6312 Table-top Delegate Conference Microphone x 22

Inner Mongolia Power (Group) Co., Ltd. is a large power enterprise owned by the nation. It takes the charge of the construction and operation of the electricity in the central west of the autonomous region. The electricity can be offered to the area of 720,000km2. The industrial, agriculture, and livestock production of the 8 cities and 13,880,000 residents all rely on it.

BXB’s distributor in China- Litron Co., Ltd. upgrades the AV system of this project. BXB’s UFO conference microphone of FCS-6300 Conference System is chosen. UFO is certified with iF Design Award and Taiwan Excellence Award. It has 25-color combinations of the microphone base, which is adaptable with different decorations and styles of meeting rooms. Inner Mongolia Power this time selected all-black UFO microphone to show the solemn atmosphere of the meeting venue.

UFO conference microphone is designed with streamlined-arc base and concealed speaking buttons, which can be one part of the aesthetic decoration in a meeting room. Moreover, the outlook design of UFO represents the concept of “tolerance”, “success”, and “everlasting”- attendees are able to be tolerant to make the meeting smooth and efficient and then finally achieve a successful outcome. However, the end of a conference is not exactly the end; instead, it makes people’s relationship and thinking everlasting. This is the concept that BXB would like to express.

To be in step with digital network, FCS-6350 is a full-function conference control unit which is applied with Cat5e cables for connecting with all conferencing microphones. It’s also equipped with TCP/IP protocol to make you control and change conferencing settings with the PC or tablet. You can change the operation modes, set the ID number of chairman/delegate microphone units, set the preset point for camera’s image tracking, adjust the volume, and so on. Moreover, FCS-6350 is equipped with USB connector for connecting with BXB’s HD USB camera. You can further use your familiar communication software such as Skype, Wechat, and QQ to start a video conference.

BXB always develop high-tech and high-quality products and solutions based on users’ different needs on meeting spaces and requirements. We’re devoted to offering a suitable solution beyond customer’s expectation. Thanks Litron for holding the belief on providing the excellent services and products. We will also keep integrating the newest technology and developing better total solutions!