Is it safety to touch one pin of the power cable?(I)

【Writer/ Hunk Huang】

This time we would like to discuss about PE cable (the green, yellow cable) inside the BXB EPS-C083 as the figure below. PE is identification of protective earth in the article to separate from Ground (GND).

Recently in Taiwan, end of May to beginning of June, there are 2 people passed away and deep coma due to the electric shock. Terrific news because of an electric shock in KTV from China happened in a period of time, also it is common to the lead singers of a band. The same issue occur again and again, but people just a smattering of the issue and medium doesn’t analyze the problem in an appropriate way.
In this monthly newsletter, we are going to go discuss and analyze this problem. Hope everyone could use the electric in safety way after reading.

The reason of the electric shock news at Nanxi branch of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi:
According to the picture on the internet, we find that the main reason is that the PE isn’t setup and power cable touch the cabinet causes the electric shock.