UFO-2000 Application- The Command Center of Hulunbuir Public Security Bureau, China

Writer/ Dept. of Sales 2

Installation Time: December, 2017
Location: The Command Center of Hulunbuir Public Security Bureau, China Products:
Installation Products:
UFO-2150 Digital Conference Main Control Unit x 2
UFO-2111 Table-top Chairman Unit x 2
UFO-2112 Table-top Delegate Unit x 35

Hulumbuir is located at the Eastern part of China , which is famous for its Hulun Lake and Buir Lake. Hulumbuir has abundant resources, vast regions, and multiple races. The public security system is more complicated than that of the general cities. In the end of 2017, the municipal command center made the equipment enhancement and transformation.

This case requires high-efficient and high-stable equipment. The users also expect the clear sound of microphones and the flexible modes of conferencing management. Finally, the bureau chose BXB’s UFO-2000 series conference system. There’re 23 sets of UFO microphones at the command center; 14 sets at the warfare station. UFO Conference System possesses excellent sound performance and 6 kinds of operation modes. The distinguished quality exactly meets the bureau’s demands.

The speaking and control buttons of UFO microphones are hidden designed. The exquisite and modern outlook make the microphones be the aesthetic decoration, enhancing the sense of the meeting room. Due to the outstanding design and complete functions, UFO is certified with iF Design Award. Moreover, each UFO microphone is equipped with 32cm shield gooseneck microphone, which is anti-noise and anti-echo. It ensures the clarity and smoothness of the meeting. Moreover, BXB especially makes the LED ring (the indicator of speaking) equipped inside of the microphone capsule and covered with windscreen soft sponge so that the in-use speaker will not be influenced by the LED light and all attendees can see clearly who is talking now. The system is applied with commonly-used Cat5e cables, which eases the installation and maintenance.

BXB devotes great amounts of resources to the product development for innovating more excellent and user-friendly products. Following with the constant change of technology, BXB’s products are always applied with the newest techniques to offer the most suitable solutions for customers. Within 27 years, BXB’s products have been installed in more than 50 countries. Government organizations, enterprises, private institutions, and schools are all BXB’s customers. BXB has got the reliability from the users all over the world. In the future, BXB will keep concerning users’ needs and expanding the worldwide business!