FCS-6300 Conference System is selected for State Administrative Training Institute, Bhopal, India

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Installation Products/ BXB FCS-6300 Digital Conference System
FCS-6350 Conference Main Control Unit x 1
UFO-6311 Table-top Chairman Conference Microphone x 1
UFO-6312 Table-top Delegate Conference Microphone x 21

BXB always innovates, designs, and develops products based on users’ demands to ensure users being able to concentrate on every meeting and discussion as well as achieving an efficient and comfortable meeting. This month, BXB would like to share a FCS-6300 installation case finished in May. This organization is located in Bhopal, the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. State Administrative Training Institute is an Indian Government Organization imparting training to all the Bureaucrats and Government Officers to develop their skills from time to time to improve their Managerial efficiency.

This organization selects BXB’s UFO microphone. UFO’s circle outlook design represents tolerance and everlasting, which implies that a successful meeting doesn’t only end with a single discussion, but make the topic and attendee’s relationship everlasting. The cabling of FCS-6300 applies Cat5e cables, which is easy to connect and plug in/out. Everyone can install the system without special trainings. If the microphone quantity or position should be changed, users can instantly make the adjustment.

BXB’s distributor Univeso integrates FCS-6300 Conference System with Lumens’ lecture capture system and PTZ camera, providing customer a sound conferencing solution with simple-outlook microphones, stable sound quality, and the AV meeting recording function.

“The customer took the demo of major brands like Bosch / Beyerdynamic but like the sensitivity of the system along with the added advantage of inbuilt “Look at Me” feature without the need of any third party system. As per the customer, it was a “Value for Money” purchase for them. “ said Mr. Vikas Gupta from Nivik Constructions, who commissioned this project.

“Look at Me Feature was desired by the customer for recording the meetings.” said Mr. Raman Kanwar, the director of Univeso, who has more than 20 years of experience in the Indian education market and is very familiar with this area. He also possesses great insight of market trends and customer demands; therefore, he is able to propose the most suitable solutions to various customers. Moreover, FCS-6300 provides built in audio recording function, which is also a key point customers place importance on.

We appreciate Univeso with taking BXB’s solution to different projects accross India. Creating a friendly meeting environment and furtherly satisfying users’ needs are always BXB’s goal, motivation and accomplishment.