UFO and FCS Conference System at People’s Court in Liaoning Province, China

Writer/ Dept. of Sales 2

Installation Time: April, 2016
Installation Location: Law Court Building- People’s Court of Faku County in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province
Installation Products: two meeting rooms are installed BXB’s products
(1)UFO 2150 Digital Main Control Unit x 2
UFO-1111 Table-top Chairman Unit x 2
UFO-1112 Table-top Delegate Unit x 14
(2)FCS-6150 Digital Main Control Unit x 1
FCS-6115 Table-top Chairman Unit x 1
FCS-6116 Table-top Delegate Unit x 19
FCS-6171 Graphical Control Software x 1

The installation project in China for this month is carried out at People’s Court of Faku County in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province (hereinafter referred as county court). It’s established on 20th February, 1949, which has 21 internal organizations. With the leading of county party committee, supervision of National People’s Congress, support of the government, and the instruction of superior court, the county court implements scientific development in full, performances justice ability completely, penalizes criminals strictly, regulates various benefits based on the law, and protects the right of people. For many years, it has valued as “the best court of the province”, “the excellent court of Shenyang City’s court system”, and “national’s best court”.

This project is arranged and designed by BXB’s distributor of China- Beijing Litron Ltd. It’s honorable for BXB to be certified by the county court. There’re two sets of BXB’s conference system installed. The first middle-sized meeting room is installed with UFO table-top conference microphones. UFO microphone’s circle-shaped base and hidden button design hold high-recognized outlook. Its connection applies Cat-5e cables that are economical and easy to be attained and maintained, which gains users’ favorable comment. Moreover, UFO microphone system is applied with backup mechanism and ring-connection. When anyone of circuit is out of work, the other circuits are still normal working; the meeting can keep going smoothly. Plus, UFO microphone won iF Design Award. Its 25 color-combinations of the outlook can be adapted with various types of room decorations. UFO is not just a microphone, but also an artistic work in your meeting room.

The second meeting room is installed with FCS series table-top conference microphone unit with voting buttons. There is a LCD monitor on each unit, which shows the operation modes and other settings of meeting. The 5 pieces of buttons function as the 5 controlling buttons on the main control unit. They’re multifunctional that can make the chairman change the meeting modes, adjust the volume of microphone, and manage the order of meeting. Moreover, the 5 buttons are hidden under a lid, which makes voting activity more confidential. Operating with BXB’s graphical control software, the chairman can activate voting function from both chairman unit and software interface. The voting result can be also produced by the software automatically. BXB’s graphical software offers 14 languages and operates various functions as volume adjustment, voting, speaker’s image tracking, recording, and data saving. The attendees’ basic information and the position of each microphone can be easily set by the software in advance, which realizes a convenient-managed and multi-functional meeting environment.

Since the establishment of 1991, BXB has kept developing the techniques used in our products, making the quality and outlook more persuasive and toward the excellence. Please wait and see what BXB would bring in the future!!!