FCS-6300 Conference System Installation- Taichung Home Economics and Commercial High School

  • Installation Date: December, 2016
  • Installation Products:
    FCS-6350 Digital Main Control Unit x 1
    FCS-6321 Flush-mounted Chairman Unit x 4
    FCS-6322 Flush-mounted delegate unit *120
    FCS-6370 Graphical control software*1

This month, we are going to introduce the installation in Taichung Municipal Taichung Home Economics and Commercial High School. Being one of the country’s highest quality vocational high schools, they establish Department of Early Childhood Development and Education, Fashion Trends, Business Affairs, Accounting Affairs, Data Processing, Applied Foreign Languages, International Trade, and Special Education.

BXB is honored to have FCS-6350 installed in the International Conference Hall accommodating 216 seats, which is a considerable conference hall among high schools. It adopts universal available CAT5e cable, a high-level technology of conference system, which provides excellent and clear sound quality that makes participants have great meeting experiences. Main control unit is equipped with four RJ-45 jacks with the independent wiring protection device maintaining the stability of the system. Moreover, to keep the system working appropriately during meetings, FCS-6350 has back-up mechanism, the ring connection. When one microphone is broken or a circuit is damaged, you can just take it away. No circuit-replacement or PASS signal should be operated, and the system can still keep other microphones working normally, which helps maintain a conference’s smoothness.

Main control unit FCS-6350 is equipped with many operation modes (chairman/ override/ FIFO/ push-to-talk/ voice activation/ auto-off). In addition, built-in TCP/IP protocol enables administrator use computer and mobile devices via wired or wireless signal to connect with the controller directly. BXB also has web browser interface for the setting of conference modes and appointing any delegates to talk. Besides, working with FCS-6370 Graphical Control Software facilitates the changing of conference mode. User can choose to turn specific unit on and off, allow mutual communication, set each unit’s ID number and camera position, control the volume input and output of the main control unit, and so on.

Installed flush-mounted conference microphone FCS-6321/6322 has stylish aluminum extrusion panel, thin front and circular back make it looks fine and high quality, and it smoothly embedded in the table. Each microphone unit has a built-in DSP chip performing outstanding auto-gain control and excellent sound quality. Furthermore, when the microphone is on, it would also not be interfered by 3G and 4G phone even though its distance with microphone is close with 15cm. The quality of meeting smoothness can be perfectly assured.