TSAGMR Solution with EDC-1000 Series, Kyrgyz Republic

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Installation Products/ BXB EDC-1000 Conference System
EDC-1051 Main Control Unit x 1
EDC-1011 Table-top Chairman Microphone x 2
EDC-1012 Table-top Delegate Microphone x 36


Counting time since May 2010, BXB has been publishing “Monthly e-newsletter” the purpose of providing the latest trend of products, technical knowledge, successful case studies and international exhibition news. Every month sharing those information with the customer was great experience. This time we would like to share our first installation news from Kyrgyz Republic.

The installation was carried out in The State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources (TSAGMR) under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. It’s the authorized public agency for mineral rights and mining industry development, the main responsibility is for implementing public policy on development and use of mineral resources, suspending and cancelling mineral licenses, protecting mineral resources and other functions related to mineral rights.

Customer Inquiry
TSAGMR has two meeting rooms, one is for press release that required 1 chairman and 8 delegates, another room is for meeting discussion that needed 1 chairman with 28 delegates. Hence, main requirement is two rooms can be controlled by one main control unit. In addition, as government organization TSAGMR asked for high quality of conference system with harmony design and easy to fulfill their requirement within budget.

Therefore, AT Empire technical specialist Erbol Balabekov designed BXB solution which highly fits customer requirement along with technical advice and installation work.

BXB Solution
AT Empire technical team choose EDC-1000 series one main control unit EDC-1051, 2 chairman EDC-1011, 36 delegates EDC-1012 for this solution. The main control unit is featured with 3 chain outputs for microphone connection. It supports up to 256 units with extension power supply. Simultaneous open microphone quantity can be set from 1 to 9; the system can also be programmed to turn off the microphones automatically when users did not use in 30 or 45 seconds, so, in case the users forgot to turn off, their microphones would not occupy open microphone quota; but the chairman microphone will not be limited by these settings to ensure its prior authority.

Although BXB EDC-1000 series has perceived high quality for more than 10 years, we have continued to upgrade the functions. The latest version is equipped with RS-232 interface, therefore, customer can extend in the future with camera tracking function.

Apart from EDC-1000 series BXB conference system, the entire project adapted QUIK LOK A302 BK standing microphone, JBL CSMA 180 mixer amplifier, JBL Control 52-WH surface-mount satellite loudspeaker, DAHUA SD59220T-HN full HD PTZ dome camera, Dahua DHI-NVR4104 camera controller, Deluxe DLS-E406-305 projection screen, Dtech HDMI splitter, AKG WMS40 2 set wireless microphone, Behringer 1202FX mixer, and Optoma X351 projector.

Customer Feedback
Even though it was the first installation of BXB conference system, “AT Empire” team installed successfully even without one single question. According to AT Empire, BXB products are:
High quality
Good design
Compatible with other systems
Ease of use

Executive director Timur Osmonkulov remarked that “AT Empire selected BXB product, because as we are aware that BXB equipment has excellent quality and is widely used all over the world. A wide range of possibilities makes it possible to use together with many other types of audiovisual equipment. Plus it has ergonomic, modern design, high quality and ease of use.”
We would like to thank AT Empire team and their great commitment to the customer, we will continue to support them build more and more successful cases in the near future.