Tainan Public Library – Seamless Integration of International Conference and Performing Arts

Introduction to the User

Tainan, the first city to be developed in Taiwan, features the charm of culture formed over more than 300 years. To be the cultural landmark of this city, Tainan Public Library is a silver-level green building constructed by the collaborative team of Taiwanese and Netherlandish architects. The inverted stepped shape of the building presents the image of a big tree and offers large-area shelter to visitors. The design of vertical aluminum slats with carved flower patterns is derived from the decorative latticed windows of Tainan old towns. The modern material integrates with reminiscence of the old time, presenting Tainan’s historical culture and the perspective of connecting to the future. 

The lecture hall located on the 6th floor of the library is equipped with multiple rows of oaken meeting tables, chairs, and walls, presenting the natural and simple style. The large space can be occupied with over a hundred attendees. 

What Customer Needs

This project belongs to selective tendering. Originally, the authorities of the library only required purchasing two high-lumen projectors and one set of conference systems. However, Mr. Li of Yuta Multi-media, the person in charge of this project, studied the overall planning and visited the lecture hall, and then submitted a brand new proposal. The proposal is amended based on his successful case- the future classroom of Si Wan College, NSYSU, Taiwan.

Mr. Li gave the proposal to the tender committees and emphasized that the new lecture hall should present digital functions and international-class meeting space with the following features:

  1. Large-screen visuals

The 12 pieces of 55” screens construct a 3 x 4 video wall. The nearly 200” ultra-large display totally substitutes any scale of projectors, which is adaptable with the visual angle of the first-row audience and the visual distance of the last-row attendees. It provides the viewer with an immersive visual experience. The 600nit brightness delivers brilliant visual messages with no need of turning off the light.

2. Connecting to the digital application in the future

The cloud meeting and live-streaming solution make the lecture hall keep up with the trend of digital communication. The video interaction with the famous authors overseas can be easily carried out, which supports the library expanding the cultural influence.

3. Integration of networked systems

All the A/V signals are delivered via the network. The signal from the lecture hall can be easily transmitted to the other theaters on the same floor. The two individual spaces can be combined to create a greater online-and-offline venue; in the future, it can also make for ultra-large exhibitions. 

The tender committee considered that the planning makes the lecture hall not only for meetings but for other more valuable purposes. Plus, Mr. Lee has considerable experience in project planning. Finally, Mr. Lee got the tender. 

Mr. Lee expressed, “this project applies BXB’s whole-factory-export solution. This solution is constructed with a networked A/V system that combines live-streaming, capturing, video conferencing, wireless projection, and many more. Moreover, we’ve cooperated to get the case of Si-wan College done. I have full confidence in BXB’s products.”

(Source: Yuta Multi-media)

Challenges & Solutions

During the design process, we discovered that there’s fire maintenance opening directly behind the location of installing the video wall. Based on the fire regulations, this opening should be retained. Under this condition, the engineering team and space designer of Yuta Multi-media presented their professionalism and creativity that designed a moveable big wall for setting the over 200-kg video wall. The cabling and construction were arranged comprehensively. The video wall looks aesthetic and complies with the fire regulations. The difficulty has transformed into a stunning effect.     

On the other hand, the lecture hall can be occupied with over a hundred attendees. However, not each attendee requires speaking or making a presentation. Thus, only at the first seat of each row, we installed a paperless flush-mounted all-in-one panel. The panel is equipped with AC power socket x 2, a USB port for charge, an RJ45 port, an audio output connector, a VGA connector, an HDMI port, and a push-up button for projection. One panel can totally satisfy the needs for charging, network, audio, and video inputs. The interval between the other seats is installed with a flush-mounted unit for speaking only, making the table tidy.

BXB’s flush-mounted all-in-one panel totally satisfies the needs for charging, network, audio, and video inputs.

Moreover, the lecture hall would offer rental services for cultural events. To make the system intuitive and easy to use is another challenge. Mr. Li said, “BXB’s VDM platform is software-defined which is easy to be used for various scenarios. The user can quickly switch the video wall layout and change the video source via a tablet; intuitive and easy to get started.” Via the VDM-4050 AV over IP Controller, you can integrate all video sources of cameras, PPT, and video conferencing, and then set the scene with only a tablet. The scenarios offered include theater mode, situation room mode, presentation mode, and multi-point video conferencing mode.  

BXB VDM-4050 is designed with cross-platform WEB-based UI control. You can intuitively drag the video source via a tablet and flexibly create various video wall scenes

Furthermore, the conference system is equipped with HDC-715 Professional PTZ Camera x 2 and the HDS-720 Network AV Controller to carry out the speaker’s image tracking. The user can set more than 200 preset points via a Web-based UI interface. Each speaker on each seat can be captured with the best angle. For the online interaction with authors, it delivers a nearly face-to-face visual experience. 

Holding cultural events via social media networks or streaming platforms to expand the influence is compulsory in the present era. Thus, this lecture hall is also equipped with the HDR-731 Streaming Media Processor to execute video recording, live-streaming, and programming. All the video sources can be captured, applied with various layouts, and then outputted to the video wall, presenting the eye-catching visual effect on multiple video streaming platforms.

Besides the system functions, stability is also the challenge we faced because there are over 100 transmitters and receivers equipped for this project. Mr. Li said, “BXB’s VDM platform and the network switch feature quick setting and operation stability even though there are so many devices needed to be managed. It also greatly decreased our construction time. The customer feels very satisfied!

What Customer Said

After completing the construction, BXB and Yuta Multi-media specially arranged training for the library to make them quickly familiar with the operation and applications of the system. 

The authority of the library expressed, “We appreciate BXB and Yuta Multi-media’s support on this project. This lecture hall is creatively deployed and keeping up with the digital applications in the future. Especially the video conferencing functions, the lecture and performance of the different rooms can be held simultaneously, which creates better promotional methods for arts and education.”