2015 Learning & Teaching Expo BXB and Sunrise Work Together to Open a New Era

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Writer / VP Office & Dept. of International Sales

Learning and Teaching Expo is the large annual education show in the Asia Pacific Region. British and Chinese cultures can both be seen in Hong Kong because of its location and the cultural background. In addition to teaching equipments, abundant educational topics were going on in forums, seminars, latest trends and the communication of solutions. Jerry Hung, Vice president of BXB, delivered a speech of the application for intelligent campus, providing his thoughts and future development direction of intelligent campus broadcasting, electricity, energy-saving equipment control, soundless visual communication and safety security.

Sunrise Trading Co., BXB’s distributor in Macao and Hong Kong, has established for 39 years. They are the provider of complete teaching PA system, and they have served hundreds of elementary schools, training centers and churches, such as Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School, St. Francis’ Canossian College, and Colegio de Santa Rosa de Lima English Secondary in Macao. BXB and Sunrise work together to release BXB latest IP-based PA system to end-users, resellers and schools during the show. At the same time, as the exclusive distributor in Asia, BXB introduced Bedrock SM50, the speech transmission index meter, to provide a measurable meter to evaluate sound quality of teaching equipments.

BXB IP-based PA system provides multi media sources to one specific classroom or groups. Teachers can choose to play audio, video, photos or text to diverse teaching and exam tools. Especially TTS (text-to-speech) function that can convert words into voice in both English and Chinese and it doesn’t require to record voice in advance. Male and female voices are offered and the volume, speed, pitch and intonation are all adjustable. The mentioned features make TTS function frequently asked by visitors during the exhibition. Furthermore, the system equipped with built-in Class-D amplifier can save energy. Lastly, It provides call back function which assures campus security.

“During the three-day exhibition, we communicated with customers and resellers and realized they are interested in this IP-based PA system. Buttons on the main control unit are more comfortable than traditional hard key and I also feel better to press them. If text could have electronic message function or the background was changeable while broadcasting, it would be great” said Roger Liu, Director of Sunrise. BXB introduced brand new concept for campus PA, standing out of traditional sound system and expanded system application to the video field. Thanks to user requirements from our distributor, resellers and school authorities to help us develop features that reflect the needs of campus.

Learning & Teaching Expo pointed out the direction of teaching materials sharing from cloud and electronic data. Moreover, we can see the market of teaching video recording in class has its potential. Finally, the great success of the exhibition was attributed to the Sunrise team. We believe with Director Liu and Director Yuen leading Sunrise, BXB IP-based PA system can integrate campus audiovisual equipment and security call back system as a central control system, realizing intelligent campus concept in our daily life.