BXB Exhibits IP Smart Campus Solution in 2018 Taipei Secutech Expo

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Writer/Dept. of Sales 1 & VP Office

This is BXB’s 5th year of attending Taipei Secutech. Our booth size is bigger and we keep introducing more innovative and complete solutions to customers. IP Smart Campus Solution is the highlight for this year. This solution combines BXB-developed systems: ICP-5000 Audio & Video PA System, Clax Smart Classroom, and Digital Conference System. It offers more extensive functions and services.

In order to let visitors quickly understand our solution’s application and structure, we work hard to come up with the diagram on the main wall with actual product’s demonstration. It clearly shows the connection way, type of signal transmission and applications. Moreover, we also arrange a stage with a big screen for product presentation. The way of booth arrangement successfully catches the public’s attention. Many visitors not only passed by but also took photos for further information.

BXB’s Smart Campus Solution is developed with IP-based structure and integrates with IoT and streaming techniques. It not only transmits sound but also video with two-way mode. Following are the features:

Extensive integration with terminal equipments: Various terminal equipments such as emergency call button, door access, IP camera, CCTV, and environmental detectors (seismometers or smoke detector) can be implemented via IP decoders to realize crime deterrence, security surveillance and instant command.

Mobile broadcasting: In the intelligent era of Internet, traditional broadcasting is no longer acceptable. While bumping into some emergencies like earthquakes or fire, the traditional way will endanger the safety of students and faculties without providing instant reactions. Therefore, BXB invents an APP to enable mobile device such as smartphone being as a microphone to deliver messages and execute commanding to shorten the reaction time and minimize the damage.

Digital signage and text broadcasting: Due to the rise of ecological awareness, public addressing is no longer restricted to the way via sound. On the other side, texts, images and video through digital signage is available to publicize policies and activities without affecting teacher’s teaching.

Environmental control: Making use of GPIO, infrared ray, RS-232/485, Bluetooth, and wi-fi can control the on/off of TVs, projectors, air conditioners, lighting and fans, and then report the electricity conditions to the server for big data analysis, which realizes intelligent management and avoids needless energy loss.

Integrated with conference system for efficient emergency command: Conference rooms are usually used to hold meetings. As any emergent occasions occur, it is impossible for decision makers to always stay in the control room to execute broadcasting; therefore, conference room can be the most proper place to deliver instant command messages. A conference room possesses complete equipment such as big screen and microphones that make the decision maker see the image transmitted from CCTV and get the image captured by IP cameras. All the information enables the decision maker delivering correct and instant directions.

Another highlight this year is Q.con (Quick-connected) video conferencing system. It possesses excellent video and audio quality as well as offers user-friendly installation to easily hold a video conference. The FUN microphone that Q.con equips provides the attendees a face-to-face meeting environment. Moreover, the plug-and-play USB camera can auto-track the speaker’s image with HD mode. The attendees can also choose their familiar communication software such as skype, hangouts, wechat, LINE, and QQ to start a meeting. Q.con can be applied on company meeting, customer service, educational training, counseling, and project collaboration. This solution helps you easily carry out a multi-field communication mode, which makes people closer and make knowledge transmission more efficient and faster.

It the honor that BXB’s Vice President Jerry Hung was again invited by the organizer to deliver a speech for AIoT Factory Smart Management Forum. What BXB’s solution can do is not just for smart campus, but for factory management. Hung’s speech attracts lots of audience on site. They also further come to BXB’s booth to experience the products and know more about the applications. We deeply perceive that BXB’s brand awareness rises greatly. During the three-day exhibition, BXB’s booth is always crowded.

Finally, we appreciate APIX for the sponsor of LED monitors. The sponsorship makes multiplier effects to BXB’s product presentation. We harvest greatly and wish we can achieve more in the quick future. See you next year!