2015 Sidelights on BXB’s End Year Party

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"Writing/General manager's Office"

This end year party is unprecedentedly competitive!Every team sees their performance as the top secret that it is impossible to know what others will show. What’s more, we also blow smoke at each other that it’s just like we are having a spy vs spy game. When seeing each team’s performance, it is obvious that everyone puts a great deal of effort into this end year party.

Dora:It’s honored to join the Domestic Sales of superior teammates. Although we sacrifice our elegant image we had maintained, it is more meaningful to combine public welfare activity with our funny show winning audience’s applause. All of us really feel proud and joyful!

Vivian:We Domestic Sales especially invite Dora, Mona Lisa (pronounced in Taiwanese), as our host for the public welfare activity. We really had a wonderful party, but Dora’s face was scrawled by many people. It is easy to see that how popular she is (Or maybe it’s because she has too many enemies. Ha-ha.) When it comes to every team’s performance, all do their best to give excellent shows. Finally, Domestic Sales got the first prize. We will keep up the good work next year.

Helen:The end year party I had joined was always sitting and seeing shows. It’s my first time to participate and perform on the stage. Every team tries their best to prevent leaking any information about their performance. When show time comes, everybody does his and her best to dance creates a lively atmosphere. I am impressed with this end year party and expect next one. What’s more, we appreciate Tina that she especially wore a vest surprising the audience. We, Management Department, will challenge the top two prizes and win more bonuses next year.

Corinna:The end year party is not only interesting but having a rewarding public welfare activity this year. All the performers did a great job. It’s a pity that we can’t let more people join this meaningful party. Every team show their distinct features and creativity.

Selena:It’s my first time to join such an interesting end year party. Every performance is so creative!We, International Sales, won second prize by making a love story happened in BXB as our main theme and combine with multi-culture dances La Vida Es Un Carnaval (Latin dance) and Tunak Tunak Tun (Indian dance). Besides, we also integrate a famous chief Ah-chi-shih’s affair and Disney’s animation Frozen into our show. Thank for everyone’s applause and support. If anyone is interested in Indian dance, I am pleasant to teach in private!

Ting:I am honored to join such a funny and cozy activity, and become one of a member of BXB though I have only been here for a month. Everyone puts a lot of effort in this party. I especially appreciate my Management Department members. We spent much time practicing though it was really a hard work, it truly increases our cohesion and centripetal force. Let’s get the top two prizes next year!

Adam:This end year party extremely impresses me with the unanticipated bonus and getting the first prize. I want to speak out loudly ,“ I love BXB!I hope all the colleagues and working experiences will become cherished memories in the future of my life.”