The year-end party for 2016

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Writer/BXB Staff

BXB’s 2015 year-end party was included many new entertainments. Walking in the red carpet, lottery game, competition for the best makeup and costume design and the performance of each department were the result of everyone’s hard work. The performances of each department were especially noticeable because we could see the effort of everyone through the content, costume design, dance, stage property and the arrangement of characters. Moreover, we had some new members joining our year-end party this year and they did a good job on their performance. Let’s enjoy the record of brilliant performance together.

It’s my first time celebrating the Chinese New Year with my BXB colleague. Not only the performance of our team won the first place in the competition, I was also awarded the prize of best makeup and costume design. It was a wonderful experience for me.

The company welfare committee did a good job on organizing the year-end party. The party not only included the excellent performances of each department, the body language game and the interaction between parent and children are all interesting. I believe the party will be cooler next year. I can’t wait the next year party.

This is the first time we cooperate with R&D department. In the beginning, everyone seldom spoke out his or her opinions. But increasingly everyone was willing to discuss to make the performance more complete. Although it took extra time to do a rehearsal, we got much fun during the process. We didn’t get the best award, but the show our performance together is worth memorizing.

Jerry, our vice president did sacrifice a lot this year and brought us a lot of fun. We had a very different theme party this year. The theme this time was official dinner party. Everyone was well-dressed, and the winner of the best makeup and costume did grab our attention. I am looking forward to attend a much more different party next year.

ZOZO:Full of surprise end year banquet! This is my second year attendant, our management team surprising dance was awesome, everyone dressed nice and happy with family, we spend such a great evening together. Thank you for the organizers and two funny hosts as well!

The show for the year-end party was brilliant. There was a new part in this year party-the Walk of fame. In addition, everyone was well-dressed for the party theme, the official dinner style, which made everyone look so different. Most important thing is that this year, our department won the first place in the competition again.

Every BXB colleague dressed up for the walk of fame of the year-end party. Although I didn’t pay a lot of attention on my costume, but it was wonderful to see that everyone dressed up for the party. Thanks to the welfare committee, the year-end party was interesting and it was exciting to see everyone competed for the champion. It was a wonderful night!

Garry performed a funny character this time which truly brought out my potential of acting. It gave me a sense of achievement when I saw everyone had whispered each other because of my performance. Moreover,I would like to give my thanks to those who voted me for the best makeup and costume design. I will also try my best for the next year party.

Through the year-end party this year, I found that each colleague was full of potential especially one of the colleagues from the production department, whose performance was eye-catching. Moreover, the domestic sales department also did whatever it took to win the champion. Since everyone dressed up to show their perfect body curve, the competition of the best makeup and costume design prize became intense. I appreciated the participation of each of the BXB members. We really had a wonderful night.