BXB 28-Year Grateful Party

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The keyword of 2019 for BXB is talent, which is to expect the wisdom of BXB’s staff can be fully performed and finally lead BXB to the peak. For this year-end party, BXB also sets gratitude as the theme to emphasize with the efforts devoted by BXB’s staff and the supports from each family. Different from the previous year-end party, the atmosphere this time is much more harmonious and warmer. We can see BXB’s staff and the guests showing their wholehearted emotion to this party.


Each palm print represents the wisdom of BXB’s staff. The collection of the wisdom may lead BXB to another peak.


Patrick: This is not only the first year-end party I have in BXB, but also the first I have in my life. I also joined this party with a special way which is being the host. Thanks BXB’s employee welfare committee for giving me this great opportunity and showing their full trust to me. They almost accepted all ideas of the game and the way to do the lucky draw. On the day of the year-end party, everyone enjoyed the party a lot. When I saw everyone joining the game and the show, I felt the sense of accomplishment. Even it’s a pity that I couldn’t enjoy the party with all my colleagues, it’s still an unforgettable memory for me to join the party in this way. Thanks to all of my colleagues and the employee welfare committee. Wish we can create a 2019 with even better performance!



It’s happy to attend such harmonious year-end party just after 1 month I came to work in BXB. The previous company I worked for is a listed company with more than 1000 employees. The total amount of tables of the party banquet was about 200 (including employees’ families and special guests). The company also invited famous artists singing and performing. However, the harmonious atmosphere couldn’t compare to BXB’s. The relationship of BXB’s staff is just like family. Thanks Jerry for inviting me joining this big family. BXB now is like a 28-year old young man who has got ready to carry out a great plan. The party started from the welcome speech of BXB’s founder Mr. Wu, and then the performances of all BXB’s staff, finally to the raise of the price in bonus. It’s really a perfect year-end party. I expect that there would be more people joining in this party next year, making BXB stronger and more vigorous!


It’s my pleasure to be the photographer of BXB’s year-end party this year. I discovered different sides of my colleagues and the harmonious atmosphere of the event. The happiest and most exciting part is that I won the second prize of the lucky draw! It’s such a great comfort for me after having taken photos for several hours. Finally, I appreciate BXB, the employee welfare committee, hosts, and my colleagues giving this awesome year-end party. I love BXB!


The theme for this year-end party is gratitude. Different from the party before, this time we perform for appreciating what colleagues devoted to. After putting heads together, my department decided to make a comical video. During the time of shooting the video, I perceived the strong coherence and unity of my department. It’s emotional to watch the video which is full of photos we took before! This video is not just made for BXB’s staff and guests, but also for the members of my department. Also, the videos made by other departments are also impressive. Some colleagues personally experienced each department’s duty and felt how hard the task it is. Some colleagues even used TikTok APP making a lively and delightful video clip. The year-end party this time is really different and warm. Thanks for employee welfare committee’s elaborate arrangement. The parts that Mr. Wu gave red envelopes and everyone appreciated senior staffs especially present BXB’s positive spirit- taking human beings as the essential. I have already expected the next year-end party.


Everyone can get a red envelope, including each child.


It’s glad to join BXB’s year-end party at the first time. I also brought my family to the event, which is really happy and warm. The theme this year is gratitude. Each department prepared great videos and shows to all the guests. The hosts can be one of the most important roles who make the party go smooth and rounded off successfully. In the end of the party, we also took group photos together with all staff’s families. BXB’s team is just like a big family. Everyone can freely work here. I hope to keep working for BXB and following with BXB’s step all the way.

General Manager Xu of Paihan Language:

Greatly thanks for Jerry and Penny’s invitation to BXB’s 28-year party. I can feel the spirit of taking human beings as the essential of BXB’s team. Each performance is attentively designed and arranged (especially Jerry’s amazing magic show). After attending such harmonious year-end party, I totally understand what leads a company to the success. BXB is such a wonderful company! Thank to BXB again!


BXB’s founder Mr. Wu presented the emotional welcome speech.


Ms. Gu of Data Systems Consulting:

The first sentence of the welcome speech of BXB’s founder Mr. Wu “Employees are the most important asset of BXB. I thank to BXB’s staff and each guest today. You make today’s BXB!” gets the year-end party started. What makes me emotional is that the event is more like a grateful party, a family day, and the glee feast for each BXB’s staff. Thanks for my good friend Penny’s invitation, making me have the chance enjoy a great night.

慧智能 B X B

BXB specially makes honor trophies for the senior staff.

Cheers for this year’s achievements and the better year 2019.