FCS-6300 Installation at Intermediate People’s Court of Ordos City, Inner Mongolia

Writer/ Dept. of Sales 2

Installation Time: August, 2016
Installation Place: Intermediate People’s Court of Ordos City
Installation Products:
FCS-6350 Digital Main Control Unit x 1
FCS-6311 Table-top Chairman Unit x 1
UFO-6312 Table-top Delegate Unit x 13

Intermediate People’s Court of Ordos City was established in 1950. It has 24 inner organizations and 205 police officers. Every year, the court hears more than 6000 legal cases of various types. Besides, there’re 8 District Courts governed by Intermediate People’s Court. 842 items of politics and law are organized and reformed by the City Court, which possesses 1124 police officers. The law reformation of government employees and local business is also conducted by the court.

This project is designed by BXB’s distributor in China- Beijing Litron Ltd (Litron). Litron, established in 2004, is the distributor and system integration consultant of AV products. Their enterprise slogan is “Unlimited Power to Achieve Excellence”. With the leadership and reputation of General Manager Cong and the accumulation of his managing experiences, Litron is always in the lead of AV integration industry in China! The chosen conference system of this project is BXB’s UFO microphones of FCS-6300 series, which won iF Design Award. UFO has innovative and high-recognized outlook; the circle-shaped base symbolizes harmony and satisfaction of a meeting. Its connection applies Cat-5e cables that are economical and easy to attain and maintain. Each UFO microphone is equipped with DSP chip which is able to adjust the AGC and sensitivity as well as avoid sound explosion. The identity of chairman and delegate for each microphone unit can be also changed randomly. Moreover, the super-flexible gooseneck microphone keeps the microphone base steady and users can use only one finger adjusting its direction and angle very easily. The greatest feature is that, UFO microphone has 25 colors of combination for the metal outlook, which can be adapted with different meeting decorations.

Furthermore, FCS-6350 main control unit is equipped with large graphical LCD monitor (128 x 64 pixels) with Chinese and English languages for menu, which clearly display different conference modes. Also, the system supports hot plugging. You can add/take out any microphone anytime without affecting the system operation. FCS-6350 is also equipped with TCP/IP protocol control to change operation modes, volume, and other settings by connecting with PC or mobile devices, which is more flexible and efficient.

High convenience, excellent sound quality, brand-new outlook, and high stability of BXB’s conference system has gained unanimous applause from customers! We appreciate each customer’s valuable advice and support, which encourages us on innovation! BXB would keep working on developing new products to achieve win-win outcome with customers!!!