BXB Attended G-mark Award Ceremony with Honor and Joy

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Writer / VP Office

Recently BXB happily announced that FUN conference microphone gains G-mark Design Award. This month we would like to share our joy of attending the Award Ceremony held in Tokyo, Japan on 28th October. Winners around the world gathered in this formal event with relaxing atmosphere. There’re also attendees from various industries such as design, media, education, general consumers, and oversee delegation on a study tour. Everyone enjoyed cocktail and dessert as well as shared their excitement and product design experiences with others.

BXB’s Board Chairman Penny Wu and Vice President Jerry Hung personally participated in this great event and received the award granted by the organizer. According to judges’ comment on FUN microphone, “The high quality exterior design, which is probably based on a detailed examination, was highly rated. This can be called a design harmonized on a higher dimension because it balances well the subdued presence required in actual situations of use”, we’re more confident with BXB’s ability on R&D and innovation. During the ceremony, FUN microphone was also displayed at the site of G Exhibition. The open space makes more people know BXB’s brand and product design potential.

BXB always designs products with the concept of “taking human beings as the essential”, which considers user’s habit and creates the products adapting with users’ expectations and various operation modes. With this concept, the final product would be more powerful and closer to user’s using experiences. In terms of BXB’s FUN microphone, the LED ring inside of the microphone with the cover of windscreen soft sponge foam can avoid in-use speaker from being influenced by the harsh light. Moreover, the ingenious design of microphone’s weight and structure ensures steady base and prevents it from scratching against the table. The 45-degree angle design also facilitates users’ operation of pressing buttons and watching the LCD monitor of the unit. What greater is that FUN is the microphone base with the most minimum space all over the world! Why we design the smallest base is considering about users’ demands. It offers the maximum available space for users to put more documents, stationary and personal staffs during the meeting.

BXB’s Vice President Jerry Hung expressed, “The honor of G-mark Award belongs to every staff of BXB! From the design, R&D, production, marketing, to actual sale, these are all completed by everyone’s cooperation. Our great effort finally brings a successful outcome. This encourages us to work hard on providing more innovative and user-friendly products!” BXB’s Board Chairman Penny Wu also said, “Being a Board Chairman, I’m proud of getting one more international award! We also expect there’re more and more BXB’s products shine worldwide and showing our actual strength and competitiveness!”

You can visit G-mark’s official website for more BXB’s awarded information. To know more about FUN microphone, please visit BXB’s official website or contact with our sales persons!