BXB’s innovative strength has been recognized with “Taiwan Excellence Award”


BXB, the leading conference system brand in Taiwan, won the 31st Taiwan Excellence Award for its “AI Voice Recognition Conference Microphone”. A total of 547 brands and 1,109 products registered this time. The selection was held for 3 months by more than 100 experts with the aspects of R&D, design, quality, marketing and Taiwan production. Finally, 186 companies with a total of 348 products stood out.

BXB’s award-winning GungHo series conference microphone has brought changes to the improvement of communication efficiency of meetings, which echoed the spirit of Taiwan Excellence Award – Only innovation can bring changes to life. During a meeting, “hearing clearly , seeing distinctly” is what people value. A high-quality conference microphone is just the key to “hearing clearly”.

Design Concept

BXB believes that under the atmosphere of mutual benefit and collaboration, the meeting can lead to harmonious and successful results. This concept coincides with that conveyed by the well-known management book “Gung Ho” (Chinese translation – 共好). This book mentions that the spirit of “wild geese” can bring about good results for the team. The gift of wild geese is to encourage each other and migrate in V-shaped formation. When the geese are flying, the geese behind will make a sound to encourage the geese in front to make the team move forward bravely; when the leading goose is tired, another goose will take turns leading the team. This spirit leads the geese to arrive at the destination more quickly.

The design of GungHo conference microphone was born from this concept. The base of a single microphone is like a wing of a flying goose; when two microphones are combined into one, it presents a complete flying goose, which symbolizes the cooperation of two to achieve a mutual result. With curved gooseneck microphones, you’ll see the V-formation of flying geese.

Two microphones form the shape of flying geese, which represents collaboration; the gooseneck mic symbolizes the V-formation of flying geese

Using Experience

  • Smart voice recognition: When using the microphones on the market, we need to press the speaking button to talk, but people often ignore this action when they are focused on the discussion. Not receiving any audio immediately would cause a pause in the meeting and thought interruption of attendees, it also seriously affects the meeting engagement of remote participants. The GungHo conference microphone can detect human voices and turn on automatically as well as turn off after the speech is over. There is no need to care about the microphone, achieving an automated, zero-touch meeting experience.
  • World’s unique, one-finger adjustable super-flexible gooseneck: When adjusting the gooseneck of the microphone, the base will normally shake and be unstable, and it cannot be in place at one time. The gooseneck of GungHo conference microphone can be easily adjusted to the best speaking angle with one finger, keeping the base stable and avoiding collision with the table.
  • Excellent volume auto-adjustment: If there is a distance difference from the microphone when speaking, the volume will fluctuate, reducing the speech intelligibility. The Gung Ho microphone’s AGC (auto-gain control) technology can detect the loudness of the speaker, and automatically adjust the receiving sensitivity to keep the volume output consistent. All the attendees can hear clearly; meetings be more focused.
  • Compact and stable: 10x12x6cm only, offering more using spaces. The raw material process can be reduced by more than 30%.

BXB's Core Value

BXB adheres to the concept of “Use technology to break communication boundaries” and the spirit of “Best X Best”, and continues to launch high-quality products, striving to create the best smart office and smart classroom solutions, which can bring more contributions to Taiwan’s economy and international reputation. Over the years, more than 20 BXB products have won the Taiwan Excellence Award, which proves BXB’s continuous talent cultivation and innovative products.