Great Success! BXB FUN Microphone Won iF Design Award

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Writer / VP Office

Last year BXB UFO table top microphone awarded iF design award and this year extending the three concepts of UFO microphone – “Harmony, Satisfaction and Continuity” BXB’s FUN microphone just won iF Design Award from 1,180 products for second consecutive years.

Nowadays customers emphasize more on the decoration and equipments of meeting rooms, and microphone is the frequent use one to participants. Therefore, the design of microphone and the user experiences are the priority focus for BXB, for example, how to avoid the noise interference and what is the best way to operate microphone etc. As a manufacturer we always consider from the user’s view to design new products, making them practical, creative, good-qualified, great appearance and convenient for the environment.

Design Concept

BXB regards a successful meeting is based on an equal and impartial heart to carry out it. Therefore, BXB designs a microphone with the concept coming out from equivalent sides of a square and named “fung” (square) in Chinese. The natural arc of the square compares to attendee’s not giving tit for tat but being fairly tolerant. A similar pronunciation of “fung” is “FUN” in English, symbolizing a meeting environment can achieve a relaxing, fun, and efficient outcome.

Ingenuity of FUN

The appearance of FUN is square at first glance, but when you view it in details, you will find its innovative intelligent. Designer Vice President Jerry Hung claims that FUN is stylish and has complete functions, breaking through the stereotype of conference microphone. Hereby, we would like to highlight that specialties of FUN microphone and how users can have experience with this mic.

Considerate design of LED indicator ring: The LED indicator ring on gooseneck microphone is mainly designed to show who is the in-use speaker to other delegates in the room. However, the indicator light is very close to the speaker’s eyes; when they speech more long sparkling light can be pollute their eyes. Therefore, BXB especially create the LED ring inside of the microphone and cover it with windscreen soft sponge foam so that in-use speaker will not be influenced by the light, making sure all delegates see clearly who the spokesperson is.

Ingenuity design: According to the height of speaker and the distance with microphone, speaker usually need to adjust the angle and direction of microphone. Therefore, BXB put emphasis on the design of unit weight and structure of microphone to ensure steady base even users sway the gooseneck, preventing the base from scratching against table and make any inconvenience.

Minimum space requirement: Participants may have many documents, stationary and personal staffs during the meeting. BXB takes the need into consideration that minimum the base size to save the maximum available space for attendees and the front and back space for table. Now BXB FUN series occupies the minimum space all over the world!

Precise voice-activation: BXB found that many speakers may just get closed to the microphone and forget to push the speaking button when they are going to express opinions and it will cause the meeting paused. Therefore, voice-activation function can perfectly solve the situation. The function can excellently recognize speaker’s voice to auto-on the microphone without being affected by the surrounded speakers and applause. After the speaker finish talking, the microphone can be off automatically. These features can greatly satisfy the needs of meeting automation.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technique: To get the best sound reception and efficiently convey thoughts to other attendees, many speakers will condescend to the distance with microphone, especially for standing speakers. However, FUN microphone will avoid the situation. FUN microphone can detect speaker’s talking volume and auto-adjust the microphone’s sensitivity to make speaker’s auto-gain keep an ideal degree and avoid the sound explosion due to the close distance with microphone.

Winning the iF Design Award is accredited to the exertion of all BXB members. Brand BXB is recognized, brand value increases and we gain more publicity all over the world. President Penny Wu and the designer Vice President Jerry Hung both think greatly of it and flied to Munich, Germany to attend the awarding ceremony in person. “FUN series microphone didn’t win the prize incidentally. BXB got the award two years in a row, it indicating BXB’s invention, design, creativity and quality are highly recognized. We will keep pursuing excellence from improving every detail of products to enhancing customer satisfaction. BXB, we do not want the best, we want BETTER than BEST,” said Vice President Jerry Hung.

Under the keen competitiveness of industrial design, led by Vice President Jerry Hung, BXB will keep breaking through on industrial design and inventing more practical, aesthetic products providing to the public and create more and more innovativion for conference systems.