BXB’s Year-End Road Show in China

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Writer/Stacy Chiang

This year is going to the end. To welcome 2015’s fresh perspective and well-prepare next year’s coming, we BXB and our partner in China- Beijing Litron Ltd. work together on holding a road show in East China, Central China, South-east China, and North-east China. With holding the concept of “Limited Power, Innovative in the World”, our partner integrates BXB’s conference system with Canon’s projector, Crest Audio’s mixing console, AMX’s intelligent control system, and Atlas Sound’s speakers. It not only provides a professional AV total solution to customers, but makes visitors know how BXB’s conference system can be applied. We expect visitors having deep impression and fondness to BXB’s brand.

Our partner Beijing Litron selects outstanding and competitive areas as the stations for this road show, which including Jinan (Spring City in China), Zhengzhou (origin of Chinese Kung Fu), Xi’an (the oldest city in China), Chengdu (Country of Heaven), Wuhan (Chicago of China), and Shanghai (Paris in the East). To offer visitors a comfortable environment of show-watching and information-sharing, our partner chooses five-star hotels as the location for the show. Besides general product demonstration, company presentation and tea-time with visitors are also one part of the show. To make the entire event more interesting, QR code scan, games, lucky-draw also get people’s attraction. The effect of the show is great. The amount of visitors is out of our expectation; especially in Shanghai, visitors come one after the other!

The highlight of the road show is BXB’s bestselling UFO series conference microphone and upcoming FUN series conference microphone, which catches many visitors attention. Both two series of microphones are built with DSP chip including AGC technique. The condition of sound-explosion and bad sound-reception can be effectively avoided. The sound quality is also superior to other brands. Worked with FCS-6350 conference main control unit built in TCP/IP, the functionality and integration ability can be highly enhanced. Chairman Zhong of Xiamen Wuheng Electronics Technic. Co., Ltd. said after he had seen BXB’s products, “the outlook of FUN series is good and high-texture; the sound output is also clear!” Executive Assistant Mr. Wang also indicated, “the appearance of UFO microphone unit is different from the general ones’. It’s circle! So innovative!” Besides visitors, Manager Lan of Beijing Litron’s Chengdu Office also shows praise after he used BXB’s newest super-flexible gooseneck microphone. He said with satisfaction, “I can just use one finger to change the direction of the gooseneck mic so that the microphone base will not shake or move. Even I bend the gooseneck mic to very low angle, it will not droop due to the gravity. It’s really wonderful! I will surely recommend to our customers!” We’re really happy to hear these opinions and feedback. It urges us to dedicate to upgrade products’ innovation and quality more!

It is the great success of this road show. We would like to show our biggest thankfulness to General Manager Cong, Vice President Meng, Vice President Sun, Marketing Manger Tang, Marketing Specialist Yi, Technical Manager Zhan, Technician Wei, and other Beijing Litron’s staffs. You treat and help us with your highest passion! Moreover, we shows appreciation to Director Han and Manager Xu of Xi’an Office, Director Duan and Manager Lan of Chengdu Office, Manager Yu of Wuhan Office, Manager Chen and Manager Yue of Shanghai Office, Manager Gong of Chuangxing Technology, Manager Lu and Technician Cai of Atlas Sound. You bring us to experience the local life, splendid scenery, and featured food. It’s really a unforgettable memory! In 2015, BXB will work harder with Beijing Litron to make another high peak of our business!

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