Smart City Summit & Expo 2016

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Writer/Dept. of Domestic Sales

The third Smart City Summit & Expo was greatly held during 22 – 25th March in TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei. Theme “Building Smart City on the Iot” displays solutions with actual scene in commercial, architecture, medical, community, security and campus area, successfully attracted 30 countries and more than 600 foreign buyers to visit. BXB was honored to be invited by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) again to participate the display of 4G Smart City Experience Showroom to present BXB Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) APP and have 1080P HD video transmission via wireless video intercom without delay.

Latest ICP-5000 IP-Based PA System invented by BXB was developed on the purpose of intelligent campus. Disaster warning and zone broadcasting, emergency call, door access security and energy management are all integrated in the “ALL IN ONE” design. School authorities can have any content or TTS (Text-to Speech) function pre-recorded according to schedule and broadcast anytime. Faculty members don’t need to stay at the control room when broadcasting is needed. Recently there were numerous campus security accidents occurred. Therefore, ICP-5000 also allows students to press emergency button when they face dangers and send messages to the center through wire/ wireless internet or sound and video which combined with security alarm, emergency call, audio and video intercom to the surveillance system. Functions mentioned above enable to transmit the location and image back and intercom function can tell the onsite situation to minimum possible tragedies. It also integrated with BXB conference system to become a strong emergency command station. Via audio and video inter-transmission, the entire system can efficiently perform sound and instant reaction in a more diversified way.

Furthermore, Ministry of Education in Taiwan has included English listening and reading test would be scored officially since 2015; therefore, BXB integrated English comprehensive test to new IP based PA system. In addition to using STIPA measurement as the standard of campus PA system, ICP-5000 can directly play real voice files, and use TTS technique to convert the text into sound announcement without recording voices beforehand which reduces labor cost hugely. 1080P HD video broadcasting can play different videos to particular classrooms and can also be applied to text and multimedia broadcasting for wider application. BXB ICP-5000 also works with EEW APP (Earthquake Early Warning System) cooperating with the Central Weather Bureau, when an earthquake warning is released, existing PA system will be triggered and work with TTS technology. The earthquake hits or any other natural disaster TTS technology’s evacuation message can be pre-recorded and help students immediately get clear directions to follow.

Meanwhile, in order to make the public know more about the application and integration of the IP-Based PA System, Vice President Jerry Hung, delivered a speech for Management and Integration System of Intelligent Campus topic. Jerry Hung wished through the speech, intelligent campus can have the most efficient use and integration of every resource on the method of IP based network transmission to optimize educational environment and administration for iTeaching, iLearning and iManagement.

The exhibition reached a perfect end and BXB got a plenty of feedbacks from the visitors. We appreciated for the assistance of ITRI, every visitor’s support and recognition for our products. All of them are the encouragement and motivation for BXB to keep investing. We will present more novel products and see you next year!