FCS-3000 Series Installation in Habib University, Pakistan

【Writer/ Dept. of Sales3】

Installation Products:
FCS-3051 Digital Main Control Unit x 1
FCS-3025 Flush-mounted Chairman Unit x 1
FCS-3026 Flush-mounted Delegate Unit x 22
WM-70B2R Gooseneck Microphone x 24

Following the last installation news of Fauji Fertilizer Bin Qasim Limited (FFBL), this month we present one more project in Pakistan- Habib University. In 2014, Habib University was established as a non-profit in Karachi, the southern city in Pakistan. The university offers undergraduate degree’s in social sciences, history, philosophy, and anthropology. It has many advantages including being located in Pakistan’s most prosperous city and besides Karachi Port. Habib University aims to provide a comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum, and to cultivate high-morality and critically-conscious students who can positively influence their society.

In this project, BXB’s FCS-3000 flush-mounted microphone, which is awarded Taiwan Excellence, is selected. The aluminum panel ingeniously mixes the speaking button, indicator light, and hidden wiring with the meeting space. Multiple functions can be integrated as only one panel to make the table tidy and organized and offer users the largest using space. During the meeting, the vision between speakers and listeners is open and without any barrier, which provides every participant the best meeting experience.

Besides easy operation, FCS-3000 is also easy to install. Each microphone unit is equipped with 2 sets of RJ45 port. You can connect by CAT5e cables with daisy-chain, parallel, and starry connections to meet different requirements, which is considerably flexible. Moreover, by using 70cm gooseneck microphone, speakers can talk with standing position as well as randomly adjust the angle of microphone. All BXB’s microphones belong to condenser type. With standardized testing, we ensure that our microphone can effectively restrain the interference of mobile phone’s signal, which enhances the meeting quality. The indicator ring on the microphone also facilitates participants recognizing the speaker, greatly increasing the meeting smoothness.

BXB’s local partner Britlite Engineering Company regards “completely realize customer’s expectations” as the mission. Their profession on system integration makes them gain lots of confidence and reliability from customers. To provide more abundant meeting experience, the project manager Mr. Ashhad Ali also integrates Extron IN1606 series and HDMI DA4 series switcher, XPA 1002 series audio amplifier, Jamo’s 6.5’ ceiling speakers, HDL MR1216 and MD0602 relay & dimmer for light control, and Panasonic PT-VW530 projector into the system. The integration totally meets users’ needs for high-quality meeting environment.