EDC-1000 Conference System Installed in Vietnam

【Writer/ Dept. of Sales3】

Installation Location: Vietnam
Installation Products:
EDC-1051 Digital Main Control Unit x 1
EDC-1011 Table-top Chairman Unit x 1
EDC-1012 Table-top Delegate Unit x 14
WM-48B1R Gooseneck Microphone x 15

The installation place of this project in Vietnam is confidential; therefore, we would share the brief description and result about this case to you. The meeting room is equipped with 15 seats. The customer chose BXB’s EDC table-top microphones, possessing the feature of built-in high quality speaker, which saves the extra cost for amplifier and speakers. When the microphone is on, the unit’s speaker would be off automatically to avoid sound feedback. Moreover, the delegate microphone can be set auto-off if it doesn’t receive any sound source within 30-45 seconds. All the features offer attendees an excellent meeting environment with great sound quality.

EDC conference system applies Y-type parallel connection. If anyone of unit is broken or damaged, the unit can be taken off directly without affecting others. EDC-1051 Digital Main Control Unit is built-in with auto-detecting mechanism when it’s turned on. The system condition can be checked in advance to ensure the smoothness of meeting. Both the LCD monitor on the main control unit and the LED indicator light on the microphone would indicate the wrong situation for quick problem-solving. Moreover, the customer is fond of EDC’s user-friendly operation and simple installation. Nguyen Huy Van of HPEC said, “Easy to install, excellent quality, and reasonable cost are the reasons we choose BXB for this project”.

This project is fully arranged by BXB’s dealer HPEC. They hold the service tenet “Quality is our strategy” working on the educational market for more than 10 years. During the time of 7-year cooperation with BXB, HPEC has completed many cases with BXB’s conference system and multi-media language learning system, which contributes to Vietnam education a lot. We greatly thank for HPEC’s persistence on product quality and company services. BXB would also keep striving for perfection, pursuing company’s development, and leading our dealers growing.