Press-Center Keruen Equipped with EDC Series, Kazakhstan

Writer/Dept. of International Sales

Installation/ BXB EDC 1000 the Conference System
EDC – 1051 x 1 Digital Main Control Unit
EDC – 1011 x 2 Table-top Chairman Microphone
EDC – 1012 x 1 Table-top Delegate Microphone
BXB – C901 x 1 Camera Control Unit

BXB designs conference system based on our premium experience and customers requirement. Currently, we are providing EDC-1000, UFO-2000 and FCS-6300 series with different variety of microphones and functions. As international market department, when BXB products installed in new territory, it’s a pleasant news to share with all of our customers.

Mostly, BXB conference system are installed in board rooms, meeting rooms, training centers and university conference halls, etc. This time we would like to share installation for Press Center in Shymkent city, which is the capital city of South region of Kazakhstan.

Installation work and project design was carried out by Stepline Co.Ltd, it included EDC-1051 main control unit, 2 chairman, 1 delegate and C901 camera control unit for navigating camera to each spokesperson. Project integrated with Cornered Audio sound system, Optoma projector, and Audac mixer, due to project security customer choose Listen brand infrared interpretation system.

EDC conference series extendable to 10 chairman and 255 delegates for customer choice in the future, and elegant design of built in speaker table-top microphone greatly matched customer’s need. Camera control unit C901 built-in simplified keyboard to control camera direction, it’s easy to adjust camera zoom in and speed. Until 4 SDI input and 6 SDI output ports for images and RS232/485 input/output connector applied with main control unit to cameras. Whenever microphone is switched on, camera will navigate the spokesperson and show image instantly to the big screen.

Sales manager Mr. Sarachanov Dimitriy highlighted that “We have offered BXB equipment, explained its capabilities and consoles resistant, do not move when you turn the microphone, more important when microphone on, camera will turn to the speaker. All those specifications fit our customer requirement and we have implemented”. BXB would like to express our gratitude to Stepline cooperation, professional training and installation work.