FCS-6300 Conference System Installation- Tainan City Council

Writer/ Dept. of Sales 1

Installation Time: March, 2016
Installation Place/Products:
1)Large conference room at 2F:
FCS-6350 Digital Conference Control Unit x 1
FCS-6321 Flush-mounted Chairman Unit x 4
FCS-6322 Flush-mounted Delegate Unit x 29
2)Presentation room at 1F:
FCS-6350 Digital Main Control Unit x 1
FCS-6321 Flush-mounted Chairman Unit x 2
FCS-6322 Flush-mounted Delegate Unit x 47
3)Four review rooms at 4F (total of 4-set systems):
FCS-6350 Digital Conference Control Unit x 4
FCS-6321 Flush-mounted Chairman Unit x 4
FCS-6322 Flush-mounted Delegate Unit x 92
4)Party caucus room at 1F:
FCS-6350 Digital Main Control Unit x 1
FUN-6313 Table-top Chairman Unit x 2
FUN-6314 Table-top Delegate Unit x 33

Council is a legislative, elected body of government. The people elect members of legislative body to carry out the right of legislation; the election can be direct or indirect. Generally a council’s authorities include deliberating city laws, budget, proposals and accepting people’s petition. The operation way mainly follows people’s intention; therefore a council is also called “democratic organization”. A council plays an important role in a country’s political life; it could bear great pressure from people’s supervision.

BXB is honored to provide services for Tainan City Council. There’re the total of 7 places installed BXB’s FCS-6300 Conference System, which is the highest level among BXB’s conference series. Both control unit and microphone units are awarded Taiwan Excellence Award and iF Design Award, bringing out the best in each other. The system applies commonly-used Cat-5e cables that provide excellent and clear audio quality during the meeting. FCS-6350 Digital Control Unit is equipped with a large LCD monitor with Chinese and English display, which clearly shows various meeting statuses. Moreover, it’s equipped with TCP/IP protocol control; users or chairman can adjust the meeting settings and allow specific delegate microphone turning on via the wired/wireless connection between the control unit and PC, mobile devices, and web browser. Regarding the backup mechanism, FCS-6300 applies ring connection. When any one of microphone units is broken or one circuit is damaged, the broken products can be taken out directly without circuit replacement or PASS signal. Another circuit still keep working as normal, which ensures the smoothness of council’s important meeting.

Firstly, we would like to introduce the installation of the large meeting room at 2F, presentation room at 1F, and the four review rooms at 4F. They’re all applied with FCS-6321/6322 Flush-mounted Microphone Units. This kind of microphone’s texture is aluminum. The simple design and adaptable shape facilitate the fixing with the table. The unit panel is produced with anodizing process, making the unit easily to be cleaned and hardly to be scratched. The original meeting tables of these rooms have already had holes for wiring, which is easier for cable storage and instant taking-out in the future. Moreover, each microphone unit is equipped with DSP chip for AGC and sound quality adjustment. When the microphone is on, it would also not be affected by 3G and 4G phone even though its distance with microphone is close with 15cm. It offers the members of legislative body the best solution for meeting requirements.

The second installation is FUN-6313/6314 microphones at the party caucus room at 1F. The design concept of FUN comes out from its equivalent sides of square and similar pronunciation of “fung” (square) in Chinese. The square microphone base signifies everyone could carry out a meeting with an equal and impartial heart. The natural arc of the square compares to attendee’s tolerance. These concepts are just adaptable for the style of council’s meeting. Each FUN unit has OLED monitor that displays N (normal) /F (first-in first-out) /O (override) / C (chairman) operation modes and the ID number of unit. It’s also equipped with the speaking button with four-color (white, red, orange, green) LED indicator. Regarding the design of gooseneck microphone, BXB especially creates the LED ring inside of the microphone and cover it with windscreen soft sponge foam so that in-use speaker’s eyes will not be influenced by the bright light. The “smart voice-control” possessed by FUN microphone has excellent recognition of speaker’s voice. Its on-off is not be affected by the surrounded speakers and applause, which can avoid being turned on wrongly. After the speaker finishes talking, the microphone can be off automatically as well. These features greatly satisfy the needs of meeting automation.

Finally, we appreciate the great support from Tainan City Council. Both of us are satisfied with the system’s sound quality and sensitivity. “Innovate products and regard customers foremost” is BXB’s service tenet. We would be devoted more with offering the most professional services and techniques for customers. BXB is surely your best choice and partner!