ICP-5000 Case Analysis- Ming Dao High School

Writer/ FAE

BXB has been devoted to PA system on research and production for 26 years, and has been stepping into a new milestone in Aug, 2016. We have launched a new IP-based PA system that is very different from the traditional PA system. It’s called ICP-5000 IP-based Multimedia PA System. The first symbolized installation case is at Ming Dao High School, Taiwan.

Ming Dao High School is a famous multidisciplinary school in Taichung, which includes a junior high school, senior high school, vocational high school, comprehensive high school and international school. There’re more than 7,000 students and the campus area is much bigger than other schools because of its multidisciplinary system. It has more than 76,610 square meters and more than 10 buildings. Therefore, a sound signal transmission and message announcement system is certainly essential to the school.

The wiring structure of the traditional PA system includes 2 separate systems, requiring not only high-voltage audio output but also adaptable controlling cables. However, BXB’s ICP-5000 IP-based Multimedia PA System is constructed with only one network transmission system to achieve video and audio broadcasting; only CAT-6 wiring is required.