EDC-1000 Installation in International Conference Room of Yu Da University of Science and Technology

【Writer/ Michelle Chan】

Installation Date: July 2015
Installation Products:
EDC-1051 Digital Conference MCU x 1
EDC-1011 Table-top Chairman Unit x 2
EDC-1012 Table-top Delegate Unit x 141

Yu Da University of Science and Technology in Miaoli County was originally established as Yu Da Business Household Management College, in order to provide standard education middle area of Taiwan. Founder applied to Ministry of Education to have titled as Yu Da College of Business in August 1997, then changed to Yu Da University of Science and Technology in August 2013 to start a new history in education field. Now it runs four colleges, Management, Leisure and Creativity, Finance and Economics, and Humanities and Social Sciences. Besides, it keeps an eye on the trend of the times and community needs. Yu Da keeps progressing on administration courses, daily-life guidance, internship and outdoor activities and wins high praise for the devotion to education from the society.

BXB was pleased to install EDC-1000 series for 143 pieces table-top microphone in the international conference room of Yu Da University of Science and Technology. This series main control unit is characterized by 4×20 bit LCD, facilitating users to see the management mode, volume or sensibility of microphone. The direct manipulation make users feel comfortable to maintain and control, even inexperienced users can operate it easily. For table-top microphone unit, the appearance adopts the concept of inclined roof generally seen in Chinese traditional residences. Every unit is equipped with hifi-speaker, and the speaker hole of each unit applies the shape of butterfly, which is the assonance of “double-fortune” in Chinese. BXB wishes the fortunate sign can make every meeting go smoothly.

The system has automatic detection function while turning on and check before meeting. If the indicator light of microphone is on, it mean the system is normal. On the other hand, if the light is off or sprinkling, it indicates the microphone broke down. The simple and quick check before meeting can avoid accidents during meeting and let everything go well. Furthermore, the design of parallel connection can have system work normally even though one unit is out of order. Broken unit can be removed or skipped directly without interrupting an ongoing meeting. RS-232 interface can enforce automatic image tracking function for speaker according to future needs of camera.

This conference system is designed by Mr.Bo-yang Xu, Rui Yang Technology Co., Ltd., Mr.Xu is an experienced technician and sales designer. “BXB conference products is not only stable, having simple ring connection, but also easy for inexperienced user to operate. Besides, the price is also competitive. Everything makes me feel extremely satisfied with BXB” said Mr.Xu. BXB sticks on the principle of “Innovation of Products, Priority to Customers”. We will do our best to provide customers the most professional service and technology. BXB will be the best choice for conference system.