FCS-6350 Conference System in Tri-Service General Hospital

Writer/Dept. of Domestic Sales

Date:January, 2016
安裝場地/內容 :
FCS-6350 數位會議主機x1台
FCS-6321 嵌入型主席會議麥克風x6組
FCS-6322 嵌入型列席會議麥克風x137組

We are going to introduce latest application on Tri-Service General Hospital, the National Defense Medical Center. Tri-Service General Hospital was established in 1967, bearing responsibility for providing medical care, teaching and research to take care of military personnel and civilians, and included 45 medical departments. It was rated one of the most important medical center by Ministry of Health and Welfare. The hospital always puts medical quality in a high priority, aiming to improve the quality to reach the goal of “Qualified Tri-Service General Hospital.” Clinical pathway, standardization of administration, Hoshin Kanri, improvement and management of process and quality function deployment are all included under Total Quality Management to accomplish excellent quality, high efficiency and satisfaction of customer service.

BXB FCS-6350 series applies CAT-5e cable, which is easily accessible, economical and convenient maintenance in the future extension for the system, to connect the main control unit and all units. To be in step with Internet generation, FCS-6350 series has adopted novel applications, including large LCD display (128 x 64 DPI) and English/Chinese contents to clearly show the conference mode. TCP/IP protocol control function enables computers or mobile devices connect with main control unit to edit conference mode and designate delegate to speak through web page.

BXB was honored to install our latest awarded Taiwan Excellence product FCS-6350 flush-mounted microphone in the international conference hall of Tri-Service General Hospital. In order to match the previous installation hole of armchair, BXB especially customized metal panel for FCS-6321 and FCS-6322 flush-mounted microphone, in order to make it practical and professional appearance. BXB will insist on inventing novel products to diversify and enrich conference system and provide attendee more excellent sound quality.