Dyal Singh Public School in India Selected BXB’s FCS-6300 Flush-mounted Conference System

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▶︎ Installation Location

Dyal Singh Public School

▶︎ Installation Products

  • FCS-6350 Conference Main Control Unit x 1
  • FCS-6321 Flush-mounted Chairman Unit x 1
  • FCS-6322 Flush-mounted Delegate Unit x 12
  • WM-48C1R 48cm Gooseneck Microphone x 13

User’s Information

Dyal Singh Public School is located in Panipat City of Haryana State, India and it was established in 1983. It’s an all-round school with nursery grade to 12th grade. The feature worthy to be mentioned is that the school starts importing smart courses from the 1st grade. It also possesses well-equipped facilities and spacious classrooms & labs, making all the teachers and students enjoy modern and technological teaching and learning.

User’s Requirements

Recently, the school planned to set up a new conference room that can be used for remote teaching, school authorities meetings, guests receptions, etc. Thus, the installed system should be highly stable and need to offer the maximized using spaces of the desktop for reducing the interference of object placement and movement. In addition, the school focuses on the smart learning environment; the related equipment is also chosen based on the overall smart classes. Therefore, the microphone system with smart automatic voice activation is one of the main considerations to the school.


Dyal Singh Public School selected BXB’s FCS-6300 conference system as one of the main equipment of the new conference room, which installed 13 sets of microphones. The conference MCU possesses lots of audio processing technologies that provide excellent voice performance, such as echo elimination, noise removal and volume auto-adjustment. According to the different usage purposes, it can also set different kinds of operating modes, like normal, override, FIFO, and chairman. Hence, this conference room can not only be used as a classroom but also for meetings, seminars, press conferences, etc. The most important feature is the convenience of system installation, which takes digital processing control signal mode and only uses CAT5e cables to connect the MCU with all microphones.

In addition to the MCU, BXB’s microphone also has different kinds of functions that provide different solutions and designs depending on the users’ needs. In this case, the school requires the maximized using space of the desktop, so we recommend installing the flush-mounted microphones. The flush-mounted microphones not only meet the customer’s needs but also have good outlooks and durability. Regarding the outlooks, the microphone panel is embedded at the table, which is simply flushed with the desktop and would not occupy the desk space. Besides, the flush-mounted microphones are easy to be maintained and not easy to be damaged or scratched. This kind of microphone not only includes automatic voice activation function; relatively, there is also an auto-off function (turn off the microphone automatically after the speaker doesn’t talk for 10-99 seconds). The automation and user-friendly features can enhance the level of comfortable utilization of the conference room. If the user would add other functional products such as video equipment in the future, the overall advantages of the room would be upgraded.

Customer’s Feedback

BXB’s distributor of India- Univeso expressed that, “The customer likes the compactness of the flush-mounted system with features like auto-voice activation and no mobile interference.” BXB is proud of receiving the customer’s fondness and Univeso’s great promotion and technical support. We would keep caring about customer’s feedback and enhancing product’s design and development.

Applications in the Future

Dyal Singh Public School emphasizes with student’s learning efficacy and the cultivation of talents. It offers forward-looking teaching modes and imports smart courses from the 1st grade. The newly-constructed meeting room has installed BXB’s conference system. If the system adds BXB’s HDC-713 HD Camera and HDR-731 Recording & Streaming CCU, in the future it would become a full-function system for remote teaching. Student’s learning process and teaching materials can be live-streamed to the network platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, and others that support RTMP, HLS, RTSP, and TS. It greatly achieves the purposes of remote learning and resource sharing.