The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong Selected BXB’s FCS-6300 Conference System

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▶︎ Installation Location

The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

▶︎ Installation Products

  • FCS-6350 Conference MCU x 1
  • FCS-6315 Table-top Chairman Unit x 1
  • FCS-6316 Table-top Delegate Unit x 43

Introduction to the User

HSUHK, formerly known as Hang Seng Management College, has officially become a private university on 30 October 2018. It focuses on the education of commerce, management, humanity and social science. HSUHK identifies quality teaching and students’ all-round development as its highest priorities. It adopts the “Liberal + Professional” education model and cultivates the talents with intellectual competence, generic skills, personal development, and social engagement. HSUHK has 5 colleges (with 17 4-year bachelor’s (Honors) degree and 5 master’s degree programs) with a student population of around 5,000 and 200 full-time academic staff members. For the University Name Launching Ceremony, HSUHK uses BXB’s digital conference system which features with aesthetic outlook and intuitive operation, adding more relaxing atmosphere for the event. The system stability also makes the ceremony go smoothly and achieves a perfect ending.


User’s Requirements

The priority for the system requirement is quick, convenient, and practical functions. Therefore, the cabling should be easily installed. Besides, teachers and students normally have interactive discussion and Q&A time during the class; the microphone sound should be able to transmit to each corner of the classroom and the sound quality needs to keep stable. The microphone with built-in speaker would be most suitable with their requirements.


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BXB is devoted with the development and innovation of conference systems. For meeting with HSUHK’s requirements, BXB’s FCS-6300 conference system is regarded as the best one. Here are the main features:

  • 1) Each conference microphone is connected with Cat-5e cables, making the installation more convenient, easier, and faster. With the great flexibility of cabling, users can position the microphones on the best place based on the room space.
  • 2) Each microphone is equipped with the built-in loudspeaker and it avoids feedback, echo, and noises, performing the excellent sound quality. The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technique can auto-detect the in-front speaker’s talking volume and then adjust the sound receiving sensitivity. Moreover, via BXB’s conference management software, you can set each microphone’s volume in accordance with room space and the attendee’s talking volume. Therefore, it would keeps the volume moderate.
  • 3) The microphone can integrate with the Interactive Response System (IRS) and voting equipment. The lid of the voting interface on the microphone unit ensures the privacy of voting. The 5 voting buttons can also be set for interactive teaching purposes (e.g. multiple-choice activity), enhancing students’ learning efficacy.
  • 4) FCS-6350 Conference MCU is equipped with TCP/IP protocol control. Via wired or wireless (WI-FI) mode, you can use the smart phone, tablet, and laptop controlling the microphone system on BXB’s web browser interface. Certainly, we also offer the PC-based graphical control software to make the system management more comprehensive.

Applications in the Future

HSUHK expressed that, “BXB’s conference system features with complete function, user-friendly interface, stable operation, and high price–performance ratio”. Moreover, FCS-6350 Conference MCU is equipped with the USB connector for extensive video teaching applications. Operating with BXB’s HDC-611 PTZ USB Camera, the system can execute image auto-tracking. The general classroom can be upgraded to the remote teaching classroom, offering more teaching purposes for the school.