Okuma Fishing Tackle Selects Q.con Video Conferencing System

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▶︎ Installation Location

The Taiwan headquarter and China branch of Okuma Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd.

▶︎ Installation Products

  • QCU-100 Video Conferencing MCU x 4
  • HDC-611 PTZ USB Camera x 4
  • FUN-6314 Table-top Delegate Unit x 13

End-user Information

Okuma Fishing Tackle Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese brand that is devoted with satisfying the demands of different people who love fishing. At the beginning of the establishment, Okuma faced various difficulties. However, the founder always finds the truth from facts and holds the spirit of perseverance; thus, Okuma is finally carving out a niche of its own. Okuma’s fishing rods and reels have a style of its own and the market has spread around the world. Okuma learns the fishing experiences from other countries, finds the demands that haven’t been satisfied, and keeps going forward to the goals. Now the fishing lovers all pursue the products with high-quality, reliability, and advanced techniques. Okuma deeply perceives the unlimited possibilities of fishing and holds the spirit of “There’s no stopping Okuma”.

User Requirements

Okuma’s production line and sales channel have spread around the world. To make the transnational business communication more efficient and convenient, they need a video conferencing system which possesses clear image display, great sound quality, and stable system operation. During the meeting, they need the function of sharing PTTs and other meeting documents. Beside business meeting, they also have the demand of customer/employee training. Via video conferencing, the international synchronous training can be realized. Finally, the most important concern of Okuma is that the product they choose should be a Taiwanese brand as well.



After the deliberate comparison, Okuma regards BXB’s Q.con Video Conferencing System as the best choice. Q.con is one of the video-related products that BXB recently develops. It maintains the sound quality and various meeting modes as BXB’s flagship digital conference system. Q.con includes the newest version of FUN conference units and FHD USB camera, making the original meeting room function as the discussion room as well as for video conferencing.

For the convenience and efficacy of users, BXB pays much attention and concern to Q.con’s functionality and design. Q.con is equipped with speaker’s image tracking and close-up. Other attendees’ private discussion would not be watched by the other side. Regarding the audio quality, Q.con is equipped with DSP, AGC, cardioid, and voice-activation techniques. Moreover, the users don’t need to spend time getting used to a new conference control software. Q.con is compatible with the mainstream communication software such as Skype, Hangouts and Whatsapp. With the most relaxing and convenient way, the original meeting room can be upgraded to a high-scale space for video conferencing.

Applications in the Future

Q.con is not just for video conferencing or remote teaching; operating with BXB’s HDR-731 Streaming & Recording MCU, the process of meeting and training can be recorded and live-streaming synchronously and then further saved as the database. It effectively reaches the goal of systematizing marketing and training. The high-quality AV with network system makes numerous possibilities. Q.con definitely can be broadly used for different purposes and occasions.

Customer testimony

Okuma’s Manager of IT Department Mr. Lin expressed, “BXB’s Q.con exactly enhances the quality of holding the multipoint video conferencing with other sales locations in the world such as China and USA. It possesses high-quality video and audio transmission and even makes the persons who don’t have the conferencing equipment join the meeting via instant messaging software. Q.con greatly helps our meeting efficacy enhance lot!”

To know more about Q.con’s features and applications, you can go to this link and watch the short video. If there’s any projects or inquiries, please contact us directly. Tel:(07)970-3838 E-mail:bxb@bxb.tw