PATTA International Ltd. selected BXB’s IP Broadcasting and Smart Conference Solution to implement Smart Workplace

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▶︎ Installation Location

Installation Location:  Headquarters of PATTA, Kaohsiung

▶︎ Installation Products

  • USB-CA         Wide-angle USB Camera x 1
  • BXB-55TV     55″ Narrow bezel Display x 12
  • VDM-4010   IP Distributed Matrix Encoder x 9
  • VDM-4020   IP Distributed Matrix Decoder x 15
  • ICP-5080      System Control Server x 1
  • ICP-3050      Multi-channel Audio Processor x 1
  • ICP-5030      Single-channel Multimedia Distributor x 2 
  • ICP-5050      Programmed Media Gateway x 2
  • ICP-5052      Programmed Media Broadcast Gateway x 1
  • ICP-5011      IP Decoder (include Class D) x 17
  • ICP-5010      IP Decoder (without Class D) x 3
  • ICP-TV1        TV Control Box x 3 
  • HDR-731      Recording & Streaming CCU x 1
  • QCU-100      Video Conferencing MCU x 2
  • FUN-6314    Table-top Delegate Unit x 2
  • HDC-613      HD PTZ USB Camera x 2
  • HDC-611      PTZ USB Camera x 2
  • PA-5120P     120W Mixer Amplifier x 1
  • WIM-TR        UHF Wireless Microphone Set x 1
  • PSC-A122     Power Control Unit x 1
  • CTE-5            5″ Touch Panel x 2
  • WS-650        Two-way Ceiling Speaker x 13

Customer profile

Starting from 1928, PATTA manufactured its first blind rivet and then made a series products of self-drilling screws. PATTA team has been continually improved on technology and the quality of their products,  invested massive resources in product development, and moved forward to becoming a diversified manufacturing service provider. Today, PATTA has become an international brand. PATTA provides one-stop shop services from design, production, to logistics services. Insisting on high standard quality, seamless services and fast-moving supply, PATTA is a trusted and long-run partner in the global hardware industry.

User’s Requirements

PATTA headquarters in Kaohsiung is a main place of promoting business with global partners. Therefore, how to impress partners with PATTA’s high-quality features is essential. This project has the following requirements:

  1. An impressive welcoming display monitor on each floor. Let visitors  feel the warm welcome from PATTA at the first moment.
  2. A distributed multi-area Public Address (PA) system, which can automatically broadcast the pre-set media and independently manage the setting of each area.
  3. Apart from the features of the video conferencing system, PATTA also wants the performance of video not only spectacular but also dedicated. That visual effect shows the strength, aesthetics and high-quality of PATTA to visitors immediately .


In connection with the requirements, BXB provides the following solutions:

  1. AV IoT Broadcasting and Environmental Control System: This system is not only auto-broadcasting, but also streaming  multimedia and audio/video contents through the standard IP framework. Users can easily schedule daily multimedia playlist and automatically distribute to destination by BXB graphical control software. If a single area needs a special setting, it can online manage with this system . Besides, the system also connects to the ICP-TV1 Control Box, which is a smart controller for each TV or display and provides an effective energy management.
  2. Smart Conferencing System: We provide FUN series microphone for this project. FUN microphone equipped with DSP chip, voice-activated, OLED display, cardioid sound reception, and AGC (auto-gain control) functions. Customers can choose different microphone unit colors (all-black, black and white, champagne-silver) to suit their conference room style. In this case, to fulfill PATTA’s cross-area business communication and collaboration needs, we also suggested Q.con Video Conferencing System. Integrated with a PTZ USB CAmera, HDC-613 HD, Q.con  can auto-track and zoom-in the speaker’s facial image so that all attendees are able to know who is talking now. Therefore, Q.con offers a superious video conference experiences like a face-to-face communication.

    Choose different microphone unit colors to suit your conference room style


  3. Splendid  Video Wall: This case of presenting a video conference is different from the usual projector. We use 2*4 LCD screens, total 8, as a 32: 9 large output and 4K high resolution video wall . Each LCD screen has only 3.5mm border. Besides, the output layout can be changed by BXB’s Touch Panel. It perfectly solves the black shadow caused by large-size projectors and makes a clearer presentation.

  4. Podium with Touch Panel: Presenter usually needs to turn his back to the audience to write the whiteboard or mark the slides, which disturb the smooth of the presentation. In order to solve this problem, BXB installed a touch panel in the podium so  the presenter can face the audience and also easily mark the notes on slides. Thus, both PATTAs’ customers and staff members can experience high-tech smart conferences.

  5. Integration of IP Recording and Streaming System: BXB always thinks from the users’ perspectives and makes the conference room more than  an average conference room. Conference room can be transformed into a professional training space by integrating HDR-731 Recording & Streaming CCU. HDR-731 can record the meeting  or teaching content to accumulate video big data . In addition, HDR-731 also has a live streaming function, which can be used for corporate training, seminars, interactive product demonstrations ….etc. Besides, it also can stream on two online platforms such as Youtube and Facebook, and it  supports more than 100+ live streaming platforms. The multi-applications of HDR-731 promotes the marketing of the business and also enhances company image and brand awareness.

Applications in the Future

BXB commits to solving the inconvenience for users and provides more solutions for users with different needs. IP multimedia transmission is not only an instant broadcast, but also an electronic display, and makes the applications of multimedia boardly. Moreover, BXB also provides a multimedia transmission system for the needs of projection in the meeting, which can effectively avoid the inconvenience of files uploading.