FCS-6300 Conference System Installation- International Conference Hall of Cheng Shiu University

Writer/ Dept. of Sales 1

Installation Time: March, 2016
Installation Products:
FCS-6350 Digital Main Control Unit x 1
FCS-6321 Flush-mounted Chairman Unit x 2
FCS-6322 Flush-mounted Delegate Unit x 134
HDC-712 HD Camera x 2
HCK-700 Camera Control Panel x 1
HDS-725 DVR x 1

The installation spot we would like to introduce this month is located at Cheng Shiu University, Kaohsiung City. It’s adjacent to Chengcing Lake, Chang-gung Hospital, Chengcing Lake Baseball Stadium, and Grand Hotel. These enterprises are the important resources of sharing and cooperation for Cheng Shiu University. The transportation nearby is convenient and the living environment is flourishing. For the students in Cheng Shiu University, it’s suitable for the cooperation of industry, official and university; the development of society can be also easily grasped. Therefore, student’s learning can be more practical and adaptable with future career. Cheng Shiu University is also active on expanding international interaction to make the faculty and students understand the trend and development of their own profession.

Cheng Shiu University has three colleges that include College of Engineering, College of Management, and College of Life and Creativity. The total amount of departments is 19. There are various spaces such as lecture hall, audiovisual classroom, meeting room, auditorium, international conference hall, seminar room, and sport venue at school. To make the most of these spaces, the renting for off-campus activities, meetings, and non-political events is also available.

BXB’s FCS-6300 series flush-mounted microphone is installed in International Conference Hall of 12F Multi-Purpose Building, which offers users more spaces of table use. The circuit of FCS-6350 main control unit is digital and is applied commonly-used CAT5e cables. It’s equipped with large LCD display (128 x 64 pixels) with Chinese/ English languages, which can show the operation modes and other meeting statuses. Moreover, FCS-6350 applies TCP/IP protocol control to connect with PC or mobile devices via wired or wireless modes. We also provide web browser mode to make users adjust the setting of meeting order and microphone on/off. There’re 4 sets of RJ-45 ports on the main control unit. Each port possesses circuit protection mechanism to make the system safer and more stable.

Furthermore, each FCS-6321/6322 conference microphone is equipped with DSP chip, which is able to adjust the AGC and sensitivity. The identity of chairman or delegate can be also set anytime. Each microphone unit possesses 2 sets of RJ45 ports. Users can operate with ring-connection, which offers safety and back-up mechanism. When any cable is broken or damaged, another circuit still keeps working. Moreover, the system supports hot-plugging. Just wait within 2 seconds after plugging in, the microphone can be used as normal. Not only offering clear sound quality, we also installed two HD cameras for speaker’s image auto-tracking. No software or auto-control equipment is required, the HD camera can be connected with main control unit directly, which is convenient and labor-saving. Via microphone system and camera’s positioning, the speaker’s image can be shown on the image-output equipment and then sent back to the control room to make the operator watch the recent meeting condition. Users can also integrate the system with video recording equipment to completely record the process and content of the meeting.

In the future, BXB would keep developing more innovative products to show customers the best achievement and get win-win outcomes!