BXB’s Three Products Won 24th Taiwan Excellence! 100% Awarded!

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Writer / VP Office

Jerry Hung, Vice President of BXB, came to Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) to attend the 24th Taiwan Excellence Award ceremony on 21th April, 2016. Total 1,180 products joined the competition this year. After rigid documentary review, on-site product evaluation and discussion under 88 professional judges, 202 manufactures and 523 piece works were recognized by Taiwan Excellence. Overcoming severe examination means those award winners are outstanding representatives of each field. Taiwan Excellence mark is authorized by Ministry of Economic Affairs, for the winners to use, being on behalf a novel image of creative Taiwan industry.

BXB Electronics nominated three products EDC Table-top conference microphone, Digital IP-based Campus PA & Command System along with Software, all got the awards! BXB won Taiwan Excellence four years in a row, which means our innovation and design of products are all highly recognized.

Following are the introduction of design concepts and features:

The design concept of the awarded “EDC Table-top Conference Microphone” came from the stabilization and warmness of “Home”, which appearance adopted the inclined roof generally seen in Chinese traditional residences. The countersink on each unit follows the shape of butterfly. Butterfly is not only the original concept of BXB’s logo, but can be the assonance of double-fortune signal. We wish to inspire the atmosphere of steady and harmonious to conference events.

In addition, BXB puts great emphasis on the development of campus technology, and regards “Learning, Safety and Energy” as our goal to progress. Digital IP-based Campus PA & Command System and Digital IP-based Campus PA & Command System Management Software are invented on the basis of the principle to endow traditional PA system a novel concept. This system is characterized digital, video, multi-communication and mobility, and effectively provides complete solution for intelligent teaching, management and security. Following are the features:

Intelligent teaching:IP network technology enables 8 channels Full-HD videos transmit simultaneously to more than 250 receiving ends to achieve intelligent teaching.
Intelligent management:Classrooms are equipped with intelligent management function to control TVs, projectors, air conditioners, lighting, fans and power switches. Furthermore, send back situations and analyze the information to avoid fire caused by electric wire or unnecessary energy loss.
Intelligent security:Door access, security alarm, emergency call and video intercom are equipped. Security system can integrate with campus billboard, making use of intelligent analysis to build a safe and comfortable campus.

BXB won Taiwan Excellence four years in a row. All our most demanded products are awarded, which means BXB always stand on the side of customers to launch products meeting their needs. We will do our best to put more resources in R&D and design of promising products!