BXB EDC-1000 Series Selected in The Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia

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Installation Products/ EDC-1000 Conference System
EDC-1051 Main Control Unit x 2
EDC-1011 Table-top Chairman Microphone x 2
EDC-1012 Table-top Delegate Microphone x 74


The Ministry of Education was established in 1975, to the implementation of the government’s educational policy. The vision is to establish a distinct educational system that builds a “Globally Competitive Knowledge-based Community”. It promotes the quality of education outcomes, increases the effectiveness of scientific research, encourages creativity and innovation, develops community partnership, and promotes the skills and capabilities of the students.

The Ministry has two meeting rooms that require conference system. Their requirement is stable, good sound quality and easy to operate for different departments people who do not have technical background. Therefore, BXB’s dealer Dhell Almustakshef technical engineer Mr. Abdulbaset Hassan designed EDC-1000 series and succeeded on this project, which consists of 28 microphones in the small room, and 48 microphones in the big room.

BXB Solutions
BXB’s EDC-1000 series has high reliability, the connection runs with Y type of DIN cabling. The main control unit EDC-1051 has auto-testing functions when power is on, it notifies easily with the flashing red ring if there is any connection failure. Once the system get started, customer can easily configure “Conference mode”, “Open microphone number”, “Microphone automatic turn off time”, and “Volume setting” on 4×20 digits LCD screen. The configuration can be saved automatically in the control unit, it will be easy to operate for the following meetings simply with on/off button. Moreover, it’s equipped with XLR plug can connect other recording and audio equipment. Apart from BXB’s conference system, the project was completed with Panasonic projector, Kramer switching system, and Bose sound system.

Customer Feedback
Technical engineer Abdulbaset highlighted that “Since 2013, we have been implementing EDC-1000 series in several projects through Saudi Arabia. This time Ministry of Education selected EDC 1000 series thanks to the simple installation, good design and well recognized quality. The customer has organized several meetings and is fully satisfied with the entire solution”.

We would like to express our gratitude to Dhell team, providing professional services to the customer who desires conference system. BXB team is proud to contribute to the educational sector in KSA expanding our brand footprint. We will keep introducing our customers appreciation in our next newsletter.