BXB FCS-6300 Conference System Installation in the Conference Room for EMBA of Management College in National Cheng Kung University

Writter/Michelle Chan

Since 1955, the establishment of Management College of National Cheng Kung University, the university has gathered outstanding talented people in business community. It becomes the center of excellent management people. Under the severe condition, these people contributed tremendously for Taiwanese economic growth. Since 1993 till now, National Cheng Kung University has always won the “Favorite Enterpreneur” awards annually and had a great lead over other universities. In order to spread high level of education, Management College of National Cheng Kung University founded Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) and students enrolled since 1999. EMBA integrates best education, facilities, talents and resources of related departments, such as Industrial and Information Management, Transportation Management, Business Administration, Accountancy, Statistics, Institute of International Business and Institute of Information Management. Main purpose is to provide best equipped education with international standard, and modern practicing environment.

BXB is honored to install the latest FCS-6300 conference system in EMBA audio and video conference room. It is a worldwide common used network cabling CAT5E which is easily accessible while maintaining it. The control unit is equipped with TCP/IP that is available used in wire and wireless ways. It can apply to computer or mobile device to connect with conference system that let users revise anything through websites or apps. It can also designate any microphone directly which easily control the whole conference. Moreover, it goes with 52 sets flush-mounted delegate microphone FCS-6321/6322 used all in one aluminum panel and galvanized surface. Except for enhancing the duration of panel, it also equipped with AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and adjustments of sound quality that perfectly present sound.

This case is designed by Wei-zhi Lin, the Manager of Nanshang Corporation. This company was established in 1995 and dedicated in the plan, design and construction of technological system products. They provide professional and complete service and assist clients to customize their system from designing to complete the whole project. “BXB FCS-6300 system is fabulous! Microphones are not disturbed by 3G or 4G of cell phones. After the severe tests installed in the supervisor conference room of Tainan City Government Yonghua Building and Xinying Police office headquarter of Tainan City, it shows that there was no any disturbance or noise. This proves that BXB is no doubt the leading of digital conference equipment from all Taiwan brands” manager Lin acclaimed. BXB will continuously be innovative, progress ourselves, release novel products and diversify the conference system.