BXB FUN Series Made Its Debut in Prolight + Sound Guangzhou

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Writer/ Dept. of Sales 2

The four days long Prolight + Sound Guangzhou, attracted around 1250 professional AV exhibitors, was greatly held in China Import and Export Fair on 21 to 25 February. BXB and our distributor China- Beijing Litron Ltd (Litron), who represents two brands, (Atlas professional sound system (USA) and Revolabs wireless microphone) made the debut in this exhibition with complete solution of conference system. We attracted the attention of abundant visitors.
BXB’s highlight product FCS-6300 FUN series conference microphone, which precise voice-activation function and DSP technology outstand in the exhibition. The considerate design of LED indicator ring is created according to user’s experiences and the ingenuity highly won visitors’ recognition and attention. FUN won the 2016 iF Design Award in Germany, G-Mark Design Award in Japan as well as Taiwan Excellence Award. The four equal side of the square microphone base signifies everyone could carry out a meeting with an equal and impartial heart, and finally lead to a peaceful and win-win outcome. The design concept is similar to the UFO series which also won the 2015 iF Design Award. Its steam line of yacht with arch appearance endows three concepts, harmony, satisfaction and continuity, which also symbolizes the core thought “the Heaven was round and the Earth was square” of Chinese people. It also represents the great efforts BXB puts in the details of products and users’ experiences.

Another highlight in this exhibition is BXB’s Q.con Video Conferencing solution. It can easily and quickly reach the business requirements of video conferencing replacing traditional and high-cost equipments one. Just use USB cable connecting with PC and HD camera, and work with BXB high quality conference microphone to realize the mainstream and free instant messaging programs such as wechat, skype, and hangouts. Furthermore, via HD camera to have image auto-tracking that enables see clearly of every participant’s image to solve the problems not knowing who the speaker is during meetings.

During the exhibition, we also got a plenty of feedback and suggestions from customers, and all of them will be the references for future product development. One of the dealers from Hefei gave a high praise for BXB, and regarded our products as one of the excellent brands and are worth promoting. All the praise and comments are the motivation for BXB to progress to complete a better target.

We are enriched in this trip. BXB appreciates the general manager Cong Yong-gang, technical manager Mr. Zhan, technical manager for BXB products Mr. Wei and sales managers from each provinces of Beijing Litron Ltd. Everyone is willing to share local market information and suggestions with BXB. All the materials can make it easier to get closer to and realize market trend in China. The warm care and support from Litron members really impress us. We are grateful for the fate and the bonded relationship between us. In the coming future, we will work together to create great sales and make the China market flourishing. At the same time, we would like to give an advance announcement for InfoComm China in April. BXB is going to launch the only and first AV-IT solution all over the world. Everybody is welcomed to visit us. See you there!