BXB Launches Clax Smart Classroom Solution in InfoComm China

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The visitor’s quantity of InfoComm China sets a new high for this year, which grows 21%. It’s BXB’s 9th time participating in this grand show. We keep bringing new ideas on our booth design and the way of demonstration. Also, there are more and more innovative and forward-looking products and solutions introduced every year. This time, BXB co-exhibits with the local distributor Beijing Litron and presents three kinds of solutions- smart campus, smart classroom, and smart conferencing. The live demonstration of the solutions attracts hundreds of people’s attention.

The first solution is ICP-5000 Smart Campus Solution. It can execute various functions such as mobile PA via smartphone, audio & video broadcasting, TTS (text-to-speech), text announcement, live broadcasting, lecture recording, and energy control. The IP signals can be transmitted to the maximum of 700 terminals. Moreover, ICP-5000 has a strong integration ability. It can work with the equipment of door access, emergency call, CCTV, electronic fence, and environmental detection, which effectively reach the goal of instant deterrence, safety control, and quick reaction.

The most attractive product during the show is BXB’s Clax Smart Classroom Solution. We’re also invited by the organizer to hold a product launch. With Clax, the school can choose the adequate equipment based on the size of classrooms and the budget. The system is also highly extensible. Clax is developed with IP network structure and applied with H.264 streaming. Therefore, teachers can randomly switch different multimedia teaching materials from the PC, smartphone, and USB driver during teaching and then share the materials to students’ PCs via wireless/paperless mode. Working with IP camera, Clax can record the teaching contents and students’ learning situation and then upload the data to the cloud or USB hard disk drive for remote teaching and flipped teaching. Moreover, teachers can carry out multimedia teaching at single classroom as well as to do live broadcasting to other classrooms for group teaching.

In this show, we also display Q.con Video Conferencing Solution. You only need USB cables for connecting the HD camera, a BXB’s high-quality conferencing microphone, and work with the mainstream communication software such as Skype, Wechat, LINE, and QQ to hold a video conference. Quick and easy! You don’t need to spend lots of costs on the traditional video conferencing equipment. Moreover, Q.con has speaker’s image auto-tracking and close-up function; each attendee’s image can be seen clearly, which solves the problem of confusing the present speaker. Q.con possesses the feature of user-friendly interface and installation. There’s no extra driver needed for the system. You can save more costs as well as own a smooth meeting.

Finally, BXB greatly appreciates InfoComm’s recognition and support, which encourages us participating in this show every year. This time BXB’s VP Jerry Hung also invited to be the lecturer of Summit to share the trend and application of smart educational environment. All seats are occupied. We’re happy to interact and learn from the audience. It’s also thankful to see many customers who visited BXB’s booth. The feedback and suggestions you offered are essential to our product development. Next, BXB would keep working on innovative products. We’re looking forward to seeing you again next year!

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