BXB FCS-6350 in Bei Da Senior High School

Writer/Dept. of Domestic Sales

Date:January, 2016
FCS-6350 Main Control Unit x 1
FCS-6321 Flush-mounted Chairman Microphone x 4
FCS-6322 Flush-mounted Delegate Microphone x 24
We would like to share another application report which BXB’s installation at New Taipei Municipal Bei Da Senior High School! It is located in Sanxia District and originally named Longpu Junior High School, established in accompanied with the set up of National Taipei University, and renamed since August 2013, New Taipei Municipal Bei Da Senior High School. The school focuses on bilingual teaching, which is first bilingual school at New Taipei city, they cooperate with National Academy for Educational Research and National Taipei University and have projects on teaching resources to construct a resources sharing platform.

The project is planed and designed by Manager Wang, Each Audio-visual System, the company has specialized in multimedia computer-based training, presentation system, digital conference interpretation system, design and installation of activity center, auditorium hall, sound and PA system of staging, auditorium and language classroom , and so on. Decade experiences accumulated enables they establish solid reputation for professional, outstanding quality and good service. They also keep learning and remain their goal to be active, bearing innovative ideas to satisfy customers. For this project, they chose to apply BXB FCS-6350 series flush-mounted microphone, which is winner of Taiwan Excellence award. With aluminum alloy panel, more space can be released to make its outfit looks professional and modern. According to the requirements from the school, except for the conference discussion function, computer screen was also integrated with decoration to realize diversified teaching.

BXB FCS-6350 applies internationally used CAT-5e cable, the high technology for advanced conference system, which can provide attendees clear and excellent sound quality making them enjoy a great sound communication. Besides, CAT-5e cable is easily accessible, economical and convenient to maintenance. Main control unit is equipped with RS-485 control port that can connect BXB high speed camera to have automatic image tracking if needed in the future. Furthermore, anti-interference and electromagnetic shielding prevent any interference when microphone is on, and ensure meeting can go smoothly. With super flexible-gooseneck, user can adjust microphone only with finger easily without affecting the stability of the base. For connection methods, ring connection was applied to ensure for safety backup solution, even one unit breaks down after remove the broken one, the whole system can run normally. Other loop substituted or signal pass were needless.

Due to the high stability, clear sound quality and the possibility to connect camera with automatic image tracking function in the future, school authorities gave the equipment a high praise, said Manager Wang. BXB will keep progressing to satisfy customers and make users feel comforted while using our products.