BXB Won the 7th D&B Top 1000 Elite SME Award

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Dun & Bradstreet International Ltd. is the global leader of enterprise decisioning data and analytics, holding the spirit of “objectivity only” to precisely assess business criteria such as payment records, financial stress index, purchasing power index, export growth rate, export grade, no-loss condition, etc. and then elect the most competitive Top 1,000 among the millions of Taiwan small and medium enterprises (SME) for those with no loss and no legal dispute. This award has become the top goal that Taiwanese SMEs pursue.

BXB is Certified with D&B Elite SME Award, Showing the Strong Enterprise Competitiveness

BXB Electronics has been established for over 29 years. With the concept of digital transformation, BXB is dedicated to developing AVIoT and uniquely being able to offer smart office and intelligent classroom solutions. To confront the global market in the post-pandemic era, BXB has taken early prevention and detection and kept promoting the digital transformation and upgradation of enterprises. We support corporate and organizations enhancing the branding competitiveness and business efficiency. It’s our pleasure to gain the credibility from the judges. BXB General Manager Jerry Hung expressed, “I would like to show my appreciation to the judges and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Much heartfelt thanks to our customers and BXB staff”.

Taiwan President Tsia Ing-wen specially congratulated all the award-winning enterprises and encouraged them to keep pace with the trend and pursue excellence, presenting the extreme importance of this award.

Keep Promoting Enterprise's Digital Transformation and Upgrade

The Deputy Minister of Ministry of Economic Affairs Tseng Wen-sheng highlighted that, to enhance the competitiveness for confronting the present market challenges, digital transformation and development is a compulsory action. BXB has already taken the measures and kept delivering digital thinking to industries. We help enterprises find the most suitable digital tools to break the barrier of collaboration and communication, leading their way to digital transformation.

Up to now, BXB has supported many corporates and organizations such as PATTA International Ltd., Darmaw Construction Co., Ltd., Si Wan College of National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan Startup Terrace, etc. We introduced digital and smart meeting room solutions, offering them a working environment featuring seamless collaboration and innovative discussion.

Prospecting the future, BXB will keep pursuing excellence and disseminating the concept of corporate’s “Digital Face” to the world.