BXB’s IP-based Multimedia Broadcasting System was Exhibited in PALM EXPO, Beijing!

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Writer/ Dept. of Sales 2

PALM EXPO this year was held in China International Exhibition Centre. The expo lasted for four days gathering with hundreds of professional acoustic and lighting companies. BXB is proud of being invited to this event. With EEDCTA’s assistance, we exhibited in coordination with the other two brands, Atlas and Revolabs, authorized by our China distributor- Beijing Litron Ltd. and offered a total AV solution, which attracts many visitors’ attention.
BXB presented two representative products for this expo. First one is ICP-5000 IP-based Multimedia Broadcasting System, including functions as AV broadcasting, addressable AV message announcement, and emergency commanding. It was demonstrated with the concept of AV broadcasting on the smart campus.

Following the trend of internet and smart management, you can not only use ICP-5000’s graphical control software executing multimedia broadcasting, but control and transmit messages via telephone or BXB’s APP in your smartphone. The message’s type can be varied: audio, video, image, instant live broadcast, TTS, and text. You can edit the time schedule for auto-broadcasting based on your need. Moreover, via TCP/IP transmission technique, ICP-5000 can remote control the power of the electric equipment as well as analyze the electricity use, saving the energy and labor cost.
The IP decoders of ICP-5000 can be integrated with various terminal equipment such as teaching speakers, projectors, door access devices, emergency call button, IP camera, CCTV, electronic fence, and environment detector. As the safety equipment is triggered, the system would auto-broadcast messages for suspect deterrence or people evacuation. At both main control station and sub-control station, you can monitor the images of CCTV and then execute instant reactions via two-way intercom, realizing the sound mechanism of protecting human safety.

Another highlight product is Q.con Video Conferencing Solution. It only requires one USB cable connecting with HD camera. Operating with BXB’s conference microphone with high sound quality, you can use the mainstream instant message software such as Skype, Wechat, QQ, and Hangouts to start a meeting. The HD camera can auto-track the position of speakers, making every attendee can clearly see the talking speaker. Moreover, the cardioid microphone Q.con equips can prevent other speakers’ voices or noises from being received by the microphone. Q.con exactly makes you hear clearly, watch clearly, and providing you the most natural face-to-face meeting possible!
Finally, BXB greatly appreciates Beijing Litron’s assistance on arranging this expo. We especially gained lots of market information and suggestion from General Manager Cong, Manager Han and Project Manager Han of Shaanxi Division, and FAE Wei responsible with BXB’s products. It makes us know more about the demands and trends of the recent China market. In the future, BXB would add more innovative ideas to product development and offer sounder total solution to all of you. Please look forward to it!