District Court in Wroclaw Equipped with FCS-6300, Poland

【Writer/ Dept. of Sales3】

Installation/ BXB FCS-6300 the Conference System
FCS – 6350 x 1 Digital Main Control Unit
FCS – 6370 x 1 Graphical Control Software
FCS – 6315 x 3 Table-top Chairman Microphone
FCS – 6322 x 23 Flush-mounted Delegate Microphone

Wroclaw is the largest city in western Poland, it’s divided into 48 districts, today we would like to share one of the District Court installation of BXB’s latest conference system “FCS 6300 series”. District Court in Wroclaw, started organizing 7 district courts since 1945, currently there are 11 departments of jurisprudence, 6 branches of judicial administration.

BXB’s distributor, Monacor Poland, provided professional training, it’s designed by Mr. Piotr Mosiężny for first latest conference series. More importantly, Poland customers can search BXB products on Polish website http://bxb.com.pl/ to receive immediate service and product information.

Current project solution included FCS-6350 main control unit with graphical control software, FCS-6315 three table-top chairman units, 23 pieces of FCS-6322 flush-mounted delegate units along with 70cm double gooseneck. Main control unit developed TCP/IP technology for control software and cat5e cable for easy installation that matched the customer’s main requirement. Flush-mounted delegate unit has stylish aluminum extrusion with RJ-45 two ports for daisy-chain connection, and illuminated red light ring for easy identification of speaker when they turn on the microphone. The entire project was integrated with DRM-880LAN audio matrix from Monacor, TXS-646 – TXS-606HT wireless microphones and STA-2000D digital amplifier from IMG Stageline for completion, and the installation work is carried out by EL- Partner Co.Ltd.

Mr. Michal Macocha, the Vice President from Monacor Poland highlighted that “Cooperation between our two companies is based on loyalty and respect for mutual interests. Products labelled with BXB brand stand out from the competition with both modern design and applied technology, and nevertheless real above-average quality. Thanks to all this, we provide solutions based on BXB products to our customers being fully convinced of their satisfaction, which at the end of the day is our best reward and the best recommendation”.

BXB team also would like to express our deepest gratitude for long term partnership and special webpage for BXB products for local customers, it helps tremendously for end users to choose right product from our conferencing range.