Incheon Metropolitan City Government, Korean Selected BXB’s FUN Conference Microphone

"Writing/General manager's Office"

Installation Date: March, 2018
Installation Place: Incheon Metropolitan City Government, Korean
Installation Products:
FCS-6350 (DSP-M1) Digital Conference MCU x 1
FUN-6313 (DSP-7013) Table-top Chairman Microphone x 1
FUN-6314 (DSP-7014) Table-top Delegate Microphone x 40

Project : Incheon Metropolitan City Government, Korean
The city government is the administration that offers services to the 3 millions of citizens and devotes to enhance the living quality for the residence. Its main tasks include budget planning/implementation, local development and living facility setting, industry revitalization, enterprises recruitment & investment attraction, management of local self-governing bodies, enhancement of citizen welfare, and the promotion of education, PE, culture, and art. The perspective is “The future of Republic of Korea”; the objective is “New Incheon, happy citizens”.

This is a multi-functional meeting room not only for general municipal meetings, but for emergency command. It frequently holds video conferences with various local organizations. Therefore, the government requires a conferencing equipment that combines speaker’s image auto-tracking function, video conferencing, and speaking time control.

BXB’s FUN Conference Microphone is selected for this project. The system supports image auto-tracking with RS-232/RS-485 protocol control. As the microphone unit detects the speaker’s voice, the camera would close up the speaker’s face automatically, making all the attendees clearly know the present speaker. Besides, by working with video communication software such as skype, the speaker’s image can be transmitted to the side of other administrative organizations. It realizes a multipoint video conference as well as enhances the communication efficacy.

FUN Conference Microphone offers multiple meeting modes, including chairman mode, override, and FIFO. The present operating mode can be shown on the OLED monitor of the microphone unit. You can also set the auto-OFF time for the microphone. As the microphone doesn’t detect any voice, it would be turn off automatically after 10-99 seconds. It facilitates administrators managing the quantity of the open-mic and avoiding that there’re some attendees forgetting turn off the microphone and occupying the limited open mic. Moreover, FUN supports “Temporarily Stop Talking” mode. As the chairman keeps pressing the speaking button, all attendee’s talk will be terminated. This is the intuitive operating mode frequently used for managing the meeting’s order.

Applications in the Future
The conference system supports TCP/IP protocol control; therefore, in the future the project could add BXB’s ICP-5000 Multimedia PA System. Via IoT technique, the sound and video of this meeting room can be live broadcasted to other administrations. The meeting can also be recorded and then uploaded to the cloud as the database.