UFO-2100 Conference System Installation- Sinotrans & CSC Headquarters

  • Installation Date: November 2016
  • Installation location: Sinotrans & CSC Headquarters
  • Installation Products:
    UFO-2150*1 Main control unit
    UFO-2121*1 Flush-mounted chairman unit
    UFO-2122*20 Flush-mounted delegaten unit

The latest installation report in China, we are going to introduce is the new office building of Sinotrans & CSC Holdings Co. Ltd., located at Chaoyang District, Beijing City and surrounded by Olympic Green, Olympic Sports and Ruins of The Yuan Dynasty. Sinotrans & CSC is the leading international forwarding agent, air and sea forwarder and international express agent, and the second shipping agency. Besides, they are also one of the top 3 carriers and the top shipping company in China.
Sinotrans & CSC have high requirements for the quality and appearance of equipment, and are also demanding of sound quality. BXB is honored to be selected among numerous brands and are successfully installed in the office building. The project is designed and planned by BXB’s sole distributor in China, Beijing Litron Ltd. They chose UFO-2100 flush-mounted conference microphone, featured simple aluminum panel, which saves the maximum available space for attendees and makes table look neat and equipments more endurable.

BXB UFO-2100 conference system provides various modes built-in. User can have 1-30 delegate units randomly choose Normal, Chairman, Override and FIFO mode simultaneously. Moreover, pressing chairman button for 3 seconds can trigger Chairman mode. You can directly change conference mode on-site instead of setting from the main control unit. The feature facilitates user to manage the whole conference process more conveniently.

Each microphone unit is equipped with 2 sets of RJ-45 port. You can connect by CAT5e cables with daisy-chain, parallel, and starry connections to meet different requirements, which is considerably flexible. Moreover, ring-connection enables backup mechanism. During the ring connection if any microphone is out of operation, the other microphones can still remain working from the other loop; the meeting can keep going smoothly and let users feel comforted!