WMP-2100 Installation Case- Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Senior High School, Taiwan

Writer/ Dept. of Sales 1

Installation Products:
WMP-2100 Multi-functional PA Control Unit x 1
WPC-2100 Professional Server with Control Software x 1
CTM-02 Table-top Music Microphone x 1
WMP-60 Remote Decoder x 91
WMP-4I 4-input Audio Source Switch x 72
WS-665T Box Speaker x 126

PA-5120P1 Mixer Amplifier x 5
PAB-5400 Power Amplifier x 2
WZ-6E 6W Volume Controller x 23
EPS-P081 PA Extension Power Supply x 1
PSC-A122 Power Control Unit x 1

Kaohsiung Municipal Kaohsiung Senior High School (KSHS) is the famous public senior high school located in Sanmin District of Kaohsiung City. The school has sound and various teaching equipment. Recently, KSHS emphasizes more on the international exchange of education, making students have chances to interact with foreign students. Moreover, there are some teaching and administrative buildings belonging to the important historical remains of Japanese governance period. Due to the elegant design of the constructions, many visitors come to appreciate the beauty on holidays.

This project is carried out by Mr. Lin of Bai-yi Corporate. Bai-yi is specialized with the arrangement and integration of various professional equipment such as stage acoustic equipment, lighting and screens, conferencing systems, PA systems, CCTVs, LED displays, language lab systems, and AV equipment. They offer the best quality of project proposal, design, and construction to customers. Product trainings are also provided to make customers learn the core techniques of their product solutions.

The PA requirements of KSHS include: 1) Addressable PA: for all-zone, inside zones, outdoor zones, and specified classes & grades. 2) To meet the needs of language listening comprehension exam and bilingual teaching, the system should play the language audio materials to three different grades at the same time or broadcast the materials to the specified zones. 3) Text-to-speech: the PA control software should transfer the Chinese/English texts (ex., articles or exam questions) to audio contents and then execute broadcasting by schedule. 4) PA schedule setting and broadcasting: the bell for the start/end of the class, cleaning, morning exercises, and any background music can be broadcasted by schedule with the integration of music clock system and PA system. Via internet, the system can connect with any PC of the school to carry out music auto-play. 5) The administrator can use the control software to execute zone/group/all-zone broadcasting via internet at other locations such as Office of General Affairs, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Academic Affairs, Counseling Room, and Principal’s Office.

BXB’s WMP-2100 PA system can offer the soundest solution that fits in with KSHS’ needs. The PA control unit is all-in-one designed for executing addressable broadcasting, audio mixing, telephone broadcasting, two-way intercom, door access and other more functions, which is greatly suitable for campus PA. The intuitive interface with LCD indicators eases the operation, making administrators finish more tasks with the most efficient way. Moreover, the addressable PA can only broadcast to the specified zones, making the people in other zones be not interfered.

These years, the importance of safety construction on campus is greatly concerned. BXB’s WMP-2100 PA system is expansible with emergency call equipment, door access detectors, and intercom devices. As the danger occurs, the students can instantly press the nearby emergency call buttons to trigger the flash speaker for hindering the suspect. At the same time, the emergency signal can be transferred back to the PA control unit. The security or school guard can know the victim’s position right away and then move to the place at the shortest time, which can greatly decrease the harm.
Mr. Lin said, “the school indicates that the old system has been insufficient. And they’re now emphasizing more on the broadcasting for English listening comprehension. BXB’s WMP-2100 PA system is exactkt adaptable to the school’s requirements. It’s very convenient to set the specified classrooms as the broadcasting zones. The students at the other zones won’t be affected by the broadcasting. In the future, they consider to add two-way PA function to make the entire campus system sounder.”